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Today I received an uncommon English translation of a Kuji Goshin Ho manual, along with the Japanese text in traditional Japanese sutra style. 05 JAPAN NINJUTSU: Kuji Goshin Ho. This vid is about the Kuji and Haya Kuji in a traditional way. More information. Saved by. ღ Slavica Juric ღ. Kuji Goshin Ho (九字護身法) is in essence a ritual ceremony of spiritual self protection that employs Kuji Kiri and Kuji In to call upon the strongest spirits in the .

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If you’re taking medication, keep taking it. View my complete profile. Some, however, are other Taoist formulas taken from Taoist writings and Buddhist sutras. It is used at the end of the invocation to the god being sacrificed to anuvakya as an invitation to and for that God to partake of the sacrifice. Rather or not their kuji and juji formulas are Japanese versions of Taoist formulas may never be known.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This description also applies to the next two mudra, gebbaku-in gesture of the outer bond and its immediate counterpart neibbaku-in gesture of the inner bound.

Japanese Kuji Goshin Ho – Ninpo Mikkyo Shugendo Manual

In Fuju and which relates to the nine planets and Seven Northern Stars, the purpose of the kuji-ho is to obtain protection, as well as longevity; and the correlations with the nine planets and Seven Northern Stars. The booklet drawings and the translation track very closely with another rare manuscript I obtained recently from another source, and includes a few details absent from that document.

It means, “May all evils flee me and the essential procedure present no trouble. The dualistic influence of inyogoku yin yang dualism is apparent only in respects to the mudra of certain kuji rituals.


The Kuji Blog: Kuji Goshin Ho Translation In The House!

There are in fact several zokushu rituals that Kakuban designed. Here is more information on how and when to use these.

Warrior Ways of EnlightenmentStephen K. They are associated with the gorin five chakrasthe godai five elementscertain directions of the compass, certain colors, and numerous Tantric and esoteric deities. Anyone who attacks or slanders an expounder of the Dharma also attacks or slanders these buddhas.

05 JAPAN NINJUTSU: Kuji Goshin Ho – YouTube | ღ Kuji & mudras ღ | Pinterest | Japan and Youtube

These are to be followed by four vertical slashes while reciting the kkji -syllables: This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia’s quality standards. In fact, not only do these two related mudras represent the alpha and omega by themselves, but the two lions associated with them take this association a step further.

Mudra is, Chiken-in “seal of the wisdom fist,” also known as “seal of the interpenetration of the two realms. Tips of ring fingers pressed together, tips of pinkies pressed together, but both sets of ring and pinky fingers are separated to form a V shape or bird beak. Mantra is, On baishiramantaya sowaka. As it should be apparent, the kuji are a very adaptable ritual which has, and will likely continue to be, adapted to the local needs of the individual or organization.

This is a picture of Kuji-kiri cuttin through nine symbolic signs with the 2 fingers of your right hand as a spiritual sword for practicing purpose, an art of chasing away evil spirits from your vicinity and obtain spiritual protection. There is no indication of where this particular kuji ritual comes from.

Especially in regards to the first and last mudras, the mudras associated with the syllables “to” and “sha”, “kai” and “jin”. However, the fact that so many koryu list the kuji in their makimono indicates it must have been considered an essential teaching goku-i.


The discussion page may contain suggestions. There are hundreds of mudras in Shingon alone.

The related practice of making nine cuts— five horizontal and four vertical, alternating — in the air or palm of a hand with the finger or on paper with a brush is known as kujikirinine syllable cuts.

Index finger, pinky and thumb straight, like American Sign Language “I love you”. Kuju of these mudras are shared, however, many are not. All or part of the Merchant’s name or store name.

Kuji Goshin Ho

This is the other kuji ho that most directly deals with the martial arts, the most direct being the above kuji hon-i. The truth of things is that they are neither real nor unreal. And it therefore can be jo assumed they either did not know of them, or if they did, they were considered only a minor teaching at best. If you need such services, please consult a qualified, licensed professional.

Jikoku-ten Dhrtarastra – Skt. If certain maturity levels are grayed out in this menu, find out how to make them active. Kuj together, pinkies and ring fingers interlocked often on the inside. Akanbe Finger Loser Talk to the hand. This article’s tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. The index sometimes middle fingers are raised and pressed together.