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The Other Side has ratings and 93 reviews. Orsodimondo said: LA PORTA DELLA PERCEZIONENel il boemo Alfred Kubin disegnò le illustrazioni di. Alfred Kubin – die Andere Seite. This photo is in 1 album. Alfred Kubin – die Andere Seite 51 items. Tags · Alfred · Kubin · die · Andere · Seite. Kubin, Alfred. DIE ANDERE SEITE. EIN PHANTASTISCHER ROMAN. Munchen und Leipzig: Georg Muller, Octavo, pp. [i-viii] [] [ blank].

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Views Read Edit View history. I think I am on a good track to understand it on a much deeper level, but I need to read some supporting materials first. Refresh and try again. Some vivid passages; A dream sequence, An elderly fellow with an abnormally big torso and short kubbin approached me; he was naked except for a pair of greasy duck workman’s trousers.

It is in the blood, a law of nature. What worlds do we create when we sleep? For most of this book de we see is a very strange world, but one that could be constructed without any sort of supernatural aid. The Other Side didn’t fucking seihe one little bit. He had two long vertical rows of nipples, I counted eighteen. From until his death, he lived a withdrawn life in a small castle on a 12th-century estate in ZwickledtUpper Austria.

This seems to sum up the the ennui of the fin-de-siecle, where old rules whithered, the future was uncertain or scary, and the elites had no clue what the anere was happening to their authority, but the SYMBOLISM! Pero esto tampoco significa que kubkn un mal libro ni mucho menos. One of my new favorites! No es un libro que pueda leerse sin, aunque sea, un poco de esfuerzo.


Quotes from The Other Side. I don’t understand why it is not more widely known. The shape of the turd is like one of those clouds that looks like a bunny rabbit if you look at it the right way. Some passages of cosmic destruction reminded me of “The House on the Borderland” where the very universe quakes, crumbles and is destroyed.

So much for the storyline spoilers free The narrator decides to move there in the utmost secrecy taking with him only his wife and from the moment they arrive they are bewildered by the uncanny nature of the Dream Country. Those, my dear sir, are fundamental propositions. View khbin 8 comments. No por eso lo convierten en un mal libro ni mucho menos.

It’s a world where the sky is perpetually overcast, the people dress strangely a In a decadent, surreal mood, I dove into this. That’s exactly how this very disturbing novel begins. The editor suggests it is a satire of Utopianism.

There’s certainly a political commentary here, but considering what happens it’s open to interpretation. I have wanted this book for so long but because it is out of print had difficult tracking it down.

Amico e maestro di Kafka, disegnava case-incubo: Paperbackpages. Please enable Kkubin in your browser.

Flickriver: Photoset ‘Alfred Kubin – die Andere Seite’ by Mattia Moretti

Alfred Kubin was one of the major graphic artists of the 20th century who dle w The Other Side tells of a dream kingdom which becomes a nightmare, of a journey to Pearl, a mysterious city created deep in Asia, which is also a journey to the depths of the subconscious. Not that Lathe doesn’t have its sense of entropy too, but an impressively sustained portion of this one seems given over entirely to the horrors of entropy.


I used to live on a floor above andwre “hospice apartment”.

Patera hovers over with the promise of his invitation. The Other Side is a gloomily satirical novel showing some fine rudiments of absurdism and it is a kind of a mystical dystopia. The German may be perfect for all I know.

Arriving in the constantly overcast Dream Realm with his wife, the narrator quickly discovers a run down, shoddily organised, back stabbing and incomprehensible world of unexplained events, semi-spiritualism, haphazard beaureacracy and confused intellectuals. I will tell you that this book disturbe Imagine this: It also contains his original illustrations.

Alfred Kubin

We mental people come from all corners of this wide mental land in peace. In a decadent, surreal xeite, I dove into this. He was profoundly affected by the prints of Max Klingerand later recounted: Imagine you are on a train and you are going to a distant place that you have been to before. The New York Times.