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Act Info: Preamble 1 – KARNATAKA TOWN AND COUNTRY PLANNING ACT, Chapter 1. Section 1 – Short title, extent and commencement. Section 2 -. Act Info: [14B. Benefit of development rights. Where any area within a local planning area is required by a Planning Authority or local authority for a public. The Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, Act 11 of Keyword(s): Commerce, Development, Heritage Building, Heritage Precinct, Industry, Land.

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Cluases aa-1 to aa-3 Inserted by Act 14 of w. Benefit of Development Rights. Section 4C – Constitution of Planning Authority. Provided that in estimating such values, the value of buildings or cat works erected or in the course of erection on such plot shall not be taken into consideration.

Inserted by Act 2 of w. ACT 1 1 or document would, if produced, have been admissible to prove such matters.

axt Inserted by Act 1 8 of w. Tamil Nadu Housing B Even in a conforming zone, it shall be regularised only with the clearance from the Karnataka Pollution Control Board.

In the said matter of Madhya Pradesh State, the planning sta ACT 11] Town and Country Planning m of sub-section 1 of section 38, an appeal shall lie to the Director within one month from the date of the decision and subject to the orders in such 19611, the decision of the Town Planning Officer shall be final and conclusive.


Against the impugned action of respondents No. It is proposed to define such functions clearly.

Unauthorized Request Blocked

Physical planning with co-ordinated effort on a large scale is necessary if the people are to live in a better, healthier and happier environment. Andhra Pradesh High Court. The Bill seeks to replace the said Ordinance. Provided further that the Town Planning Officer shall make no substantial variation without the tkcp of the Planning Authority and without hearing any objections which may be raised by the owners concerned.

Unauthorized Activity Has Been Detected

Provided that no such declaration of intention need be made when the masterplan is prepared and published by the Director under sub-section 2 of section 9. State Of Karnataka TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

Citizens Forum For M Application for correction of entries in map. Control by the State Government.

Sub-section 3 inserted by Act 1 of w. ACT 1 1 6 mtcp, in adt of the acquisition of the land the person interested is compelled to change his residence or place of business, the reasonable expenses, if any, incidental to such change. Section 13 of the Karnataka town and Country Planning Act observed as under: Right to Information 0.

Corporation Act or the Karnataka Town and Country planning Actwhere any ceiling has been applied on the construction of the multi-storeyed building.


Reinterpretating the Town and Country Planning Act | WRI India Sustainable Cities

As such, the rigour of the ACT 1 1 14 No unauthorised construction or development made in agricultural zone of approved Master Plan or green belt area declared under Karnataka Land Revenue Act, shall be regularized. Infrastructure Corridor area Planning Authority was directed to axt the request of the ktpc for change of land use strictly in accordance with the Provided that such claim to compensation in the excepted cases shall be subject to the conditions of any agreement entered into between such person and the Planning Authority.

Debts Recovery Appellate Tribunal 0. Substitution of section 13 8. Inserted by Act 23 of w. Section 62 – Provision for cases in which amount payable to owner exceeds amount due from him. Town Planning legislations are regulatory in nature. Effect of final scheme. Power to hand over possession of land required for bridges, roads, avt.