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Electribe Sx Service Manual. Sep 18, Hi guys I’ve got a pretty sweet setup now with a Korg Electribe ER-1 slaved to an. Korg EMX-1 SD. I’ve been lusting. The ELECTRIBE SX is a major step up in power and quality from the original ElecTribe series of dance music sequencer/synthesizers from Korg. The ESX Korg’s Electribe range has included sampling devices from the start, going hand there seems to be a conflict between front-panel, rear-panel and manual labelling!) The Electribe SX comes wrapped in a solid metal package, finished in a.

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ELECTRIBE-SX-SD/Owner’s Manual

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I’ve tried everything and the manual left me a-little confused. If anyone has any advice please let me know! Press the sample button, then shift and record, choose mono or stereo sampling with the main knob, then play when you’re ready to record your sample.

After that, pressing play plays back what you recorded and pressing write should save it if you so choose. Doesn’t seem all that complicated.

Music Production Station | Drum Machine | Sampler | Korg ESX1SD

I think you can record from the audio in to create a sample. Pretty sure you can’t “record” audio input on the ESX The line in is really just to hook up an external synth that you sequence with the ESX-1, and have that audio go through the internal effects. If you want custom okrg, you gotta put them on a SmartMedia card via a computer. Man this thread is correcting the hell out of you sorry I didn’t notice the 10 other people!

I was operating on decade-old memory of using my old ESX-1, but now that I think a little harder I do remember sampling some drums off an old Casio keyboard at one point! Side note, I fuckin loved my ESX It was the first piece of hardware gear I ever bought and will always have a special place in my “shit I don’t use anymore” box.


I was never especially productive with it, but I always had fun. My favorite thing to do was play records through it and tap tempo to match the record, then grab a bar of the record and mangle it.

This is making me wanna dig out my ESX-1 and listen to all the probably really shitty grooves I made way back in the day!


Yeah I remember making a lot of 2 bar grooves that I really liked, but being very frustrated by trying to do anything beyond that! Use of this site constitutes acceptance of oorg User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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