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The Korg Toneworks dl Dynamic Echo is in excellent condition and perfect working order. The dl Dynamic Echo provides the kind of features and. Anyone got any experience with one of these? ?itemTitle=korgdl&itemNumber=KOR I need a. i found one NOS and the guy will let me name my price. looks interesting. the reviews are all over the place. Any users here? The predelay.

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Korg 301-dl

This pedal is a risky purchase that probably shouldn’t be anybody’s first foray into delay pedals. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe.

Has four knobs for eight functions and a mini toggle to select which they control. They sell for dirt cheap on Ebay constantly. Lasts pretty well powered on the 6AA batteries.

Its on my pedal board. In a band setting that nuance mostly goes away. First of all, the manual doesn’t explain anything, which would be fine if the pedal weren’t so strange. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms.


I’ve got one and it still gets a turn on my board from kprg to time. I think it’s worth it. So that will be the next one I try, and if that doesn’t satisfy me, maybe I’ll break down and give this one a shot. I used one for years.

The predelay makes it look like it has tape heads. Dec 2, 6.

Korg Toneworks DL Dynamic Echo Delay Pedal | eBay

Thanks for the info No, create an account now. Dec 3, The Villano DudeFeb 17, Adjustable frequency response on delays, can emulate analog and tape delays. If you go through with the purchase I can explain how it works. Log in or Sign up.

ToneWorks 301dl/Owner’s Manual

Dec 2, 1. A bit noisy and shortish delay times by modern standards. All pots are mulitfunction depending on where the selection switch is. I find that quite often when I’m reviewing some pedals, I remark at how much I like the ease of use, and how I find the manual unnecessary.


I would also recommend buying a noise gate in tandem, so that you can tame the noise. Your name or email address: Korg dl Dynamic Echo: Not true bypass but has an acceptable if not magnificent buffer.

There is also a switch 301el switches between Hi-fi and Lo-fi settings, which comes into play depending on whether or not you use humbuckers or single-coil pickups. Login or Sign Up.

Downloads | ToneWorks dl – Owner’s Manual | KORG (USA)

The Gear Page is run by musicians for musicians. I used this on an ambient track for our new CD using a mic’d glockenspiel as the sound source. There are times when I love the tone that I get out of it A nice, wet delay, not one that is marred by excessive echo, or one that sounds too huge.