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Private equity firm KKR & Co. L.P. completed its IPO (for more information, go to our 7/15/10 post) and its final IPO prospectus was filed with the. This prospectus is not an offer to sell these securities and it the ability to complete an initial public offering of the portfolio company in which. The IPO profiles may contain historical records. Led by Henry Kravis and George Roberts, KKR is a global alternative asset manager with $ billion in AUM.

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As a global alternative asset manager, we earn ongoing management fees for providing management and other services to our funds as well as transaction, monitoring and other potential fees in connection with our private equity and other investments.

Outside of North America, we intend to focus on increasing the amount of private equity investments prospcetus we make in Europe and Asia, while building out our debt and public equity ipp in those regions. Accordingly, there are or will be important factors that could cause actual outcomes or results to differ materially from those indicated in these statements.

Even if market quotations are available for our investments, such quotations may not reflect the value that could actually be realized because of various factors, including the possible illiquidity associated with a large ownership position, subsequent illiquidity in the market for a company’s securities, future market price volatility or the potential for a future loss in market value based on poor industry conditions or the market’s view of overall company and management performance.

Any failure of these initiatives to meet or exceed expectations could have an adverse proslectus on our results of operations. When making fair value determinations, we typically use a market multiples approach that considers a specified financial measure such as EBITDA or a discounted cash flow or liquidation analysis. Such transactions may also limit the lrospectus for kkr if the value of a position increases.

Summary Historical Financial Data. We cannot predict when, or if, any realization of investments will occur. Although our funds have historically focused on private equity and debt investments, we have managed investments in public equity throughout our history.

In kpo, insurance and other safeguards might only partially reimburse us for our losses, if at all. We approach our business and our investments as industrialists.

Our funds may make investments that could give rise to a conflict of interest.

KKR-A Search Results –

For example, one of our private equity funds could have an interest in pursuing an acquisition, divestiture or other transaction that, prospectuw our judgment, could enhance the value of the private equity investment, even though the proposed transaction would subject one of our credit strategy fund’s debt investments to additional or increased risks.


Our public equity strategies generally seek to leverage the intellectual capital developed in the course of our traditional private equity peospectus, which may otherwise not be utilized if a private equity transaction is not consummated, to make public equity investments. In most cases, the work initially involves developing operating and financial metrics for opo progress and identifying problems during the early stages of an investment. We are permitted to repurchase all of the outstanding common units under certain circumstances, and this repurchase may occur at an undesirable time or price.

KKR aims to take role of banks with IPO

Although we expect that most of our funds’ capital commitments will be denominated in U. We and the underwriters are offering to sell, and seeking offers to buy, our common units only in jurisdictions where offers and sales are permitted.

Over time, we may expand our capital markets activities in a manner that similarly complements our other business activities. Following the Reorganization Transactions, the Group Partnerships will own the following components of our historical businesses: When our Managing Partner, in its capacity as our general partner, is permitted to or required to make a decision in its “sole discretion” or “discretion” or that it deems “necessary or appropriate” or “necessary or advisable,” then our Managing Partner will be entitled to consider only such interests and factors as it desires, including its own interests, and will have no duty or obligation fiduciary or otherwise to give any consideration to any interest of or factors affecting us or any unitholders and will not be subject to any different standards imposed by the partnership agreement, the Delaware Revised Uniform Limited Partnership Act, which we refer to as the Delaware Limited Partnership Act, or under any other law, rule or regulation or in equity.

In certain cases, we may manage separate funds that invest in different parts of the same company’s capital structure.

While we have sought to limit where possible the amount of consortium pprospectus in which we have been involved, we have participated in a significant number of those transactions. Forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties. We will, however, continue to provide the funds with management and other services until their liquidation. KKR wants to be able to do this itself, and the equity it receives through the IPO will help make this happen, sources say.

We may not sell these securities until the registration statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission is effective. When conducting due diligence, we typically evaluate ipi number of important business, financial, tax, accounting, environmental and legal issues in determining whether kkr not to proceed with an investment.


Our funds may be affected by reduced opportunities to exit and realize value from their investments and by the fact that prospeftus may not be able to find suitable investments for the funds to effectively deploy capital, which could adversely affect our ability to raise new funds.

Independent reports, industry publications and other published industry sources generally indicate that the information contained therein was obtained from sources believed to be reliable. If legislation were to be enacted by the U. Many of these regulators, including U.

Because many of our funds’ investments rely heavily on the use of leverage, our ability to achieve attractive rates of return on investments will depend on our continued ability to access sufficient sources of indebtedness at attractive rates.

The timing and receipt of carried interest from our private equity funds are unpredictable and will contribute prospectsu the volatility of our cash flows. We have prepared this prospectus using a number of conventions, which you should consider when reading the information contained herein. Such a failure to accommodate propsectus, or an increase in costs related to such information systems, could have a material adverse effect on us.

KKR aims to take role of banks with IPO | Reuters

Increases in interest rates could also make it more difficult to locate and consummate private equity ip because other potential buyers, including operating companies acting as strategic buyers, may be able to bid ipoo an asset at a higher price due to a lower overall cost of capital.

We also earn investment income from investing our own capital alongside fund investors and from our carried interest in fund investments, which provides us with a disproportionate share of the funds’ investment gains. Carried interest from private equity investments depend on our funds’ performance and opportunities for realizing gains, which may be limited. Prospectuus addition, we may be adversely affected by changes in the interpretation or enforcement of existing laws and rules by these governmental authorities and self-regulatory organizations.

Availability of capital from the high-yield debt markets is subject to significant volatility, and there may be times when we might not be able to access those markets at attractive rates, or at all, when completing an investment.

While we believe that the long-term growth trends in our businesses are favorable, our financial results are subject to significant volatility and we are unable to predict our financial performance from quarter to quarter or year to year.