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The Kiriji War is the term used to describe a series of conflicts spanning roughly 16 years ( – ) between two powerful Yoruba. He is worthy of mention because he was the Kakanfo in office when again, several parts of Yorubaland were at war — the Kiriji War, said to be. A look into KIRIJI war; an epic battle in the Yoruba history, among Yoruba people.

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Jalumi War – Wikipedia

He settled permanently at Igbara Oke where he extended his authorities over several Ekiti, Akoko and Edo countries. If u av a problem with the yorubas u can go create a thread for that. The result was the Ijebu expedition of Ayandele, I personally would like to know more about the military hardwares used, the war codes, the location and flashpoints of the war, the allies and enemies, heroes and villains wwar names of obliterated cities. As the successor kirlji to Oyo Empire, Ibadan under the rule of generals called the shots, and appointed administrators for vassal states and towns.

It is a symbolic and mysterious stream that provided spiritual cleansing to the casualties and wounded warriors. See How To Advertise. He’s just pretending to be yoruba for the usual nefarious reasons.

This site uses cookies: The war caused heavy casualties on both sides although historians believe that the losses were even. The victims always hid behind it for protection as the trees kiriii bullets from the direction of the Ekiti Parapo allied forces. Efforts were geared to select him for the second time to become the Owa Obokun, he equally refused. Names are like prophecies. Pictures are also welcome. Kriji is because the cocoa farms where the site is located are vast, covering many kiriju of land.

The battle is so named because of the drowning of the forces of Ilorin. Mann, the CMS missionary, lived in the town in the s, and he provided much first-hand information on it. You may check out for books written by Prof Emeritus J. There is Ogendengbe chair and stool. There were even rumour kidiji he cursed the progressives in Ijesaland. Ooni to host African international art, craft festival in America.


Eventually, Ibadan found itself fighting on five fronts. It is an open mountain to which warriors go to ground tobacco.

Though a new settlement, Ibadan was able to garner enough capital, human and military resources to check further incursion and external aggression against what still remained a Yoruba nation at that point in time. They reasoned with him that the son could not be stronger than his kirijl. He had a slave whom he loved a lot, and allowed the rights of a freeborn.

The slave reported his ordeal to Latoosa, who summoned Ibikunle before him and demanded why he should treat his slave that way. Their successors were usually British.

Kiriji War 28th December Like Glover, he took the view that the key to the situation lay in control of the trade routes through Ijebu and Egba. The Balogun left the Osi Ilori and his followers with the Ikiruns to fight the Ilorins, Ekitis and Ilas, while he took his soldiers to fight the Ijeshas. Ayandele suggests that in fact the Ijebu had showed more willingness to open the road than the Egba, but the decision to attack Ijebu was based partly on the hostility of the missions: Archived from the original on Ibadan had already become involved in yet another conflict over trade with Egba and Ijebu inwhen Ibadan traders on their way from Porto Novo with firearms were attacked by the Egba.

Kiriji War: All you need to know about the world’s longest civil battle

He merely antagonized the Egba, who were already worried by the British annexation of Lagos. The growth of British influence in Yorubaland was a slow process. The reasons for the delay were complex. Replying on the records of Captain B. They ,iriji learnt lessons on tolerance, brotherhood, peace and unity. Shortly after, his wife birthed a son which he named Sanusi, believing that his childlessness ended because of his new faith.


There is a close link between Igbajo and Ijesa. This was a direct threat to trade with Lagos, but the French refused to ratify the treaty. I am sure this would be done before he lives the office.

Kiriji War: All you need to know about the world’s longest civil battle – Ooduavoice

There had long been friction between the Ife and the Oyo settlers at Modakeke. Back to trenches in the thick forest of Igede-ekiti preping.

The Ibadans could not penetrate despite their might and strength. Views Read Edit Kirjji history. Their strategy was therefore to act as spokesmen on behalf of the towns where they worked, and to oppose the more aggressive measures of the Lagos administration. Ijebu traders’ profit margins were high, and they retained strict control of trade through the kingdom Johnson, On the battlefront, he was caught and brought back to Ibadan to face the case of sedition.

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Remember Me Lost your password? The kiriju action of the war, however, took place in the north-east. To allow firmer control over trade, and to protect British interests, Lagos was annexed as a colony in and a governor was appointed. Say no to the above. Several Yoruba towns and villages were completely wiped out of history due to the scorched-earth policy of the civil war. In the south it faced the Egba and Ijebu.