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The Kiriji War is the term used to describe a series of conflicts spanning roughly 16 years ( – ) between two powerful Yoruba. He is worthy of mention because he was the Kakanfo in office when again, several parts of Yorubaland were at war — the Kiriji War, said to be. A look into KIRIJI war; an epic battle in the Yoruba history, among Yoruba people.

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Let us all preach and embrace peace.

The Wsr government was under instructions from London and Accra to keep out of the conflict, even though the fighting was having serious effects on the economic life of the colony. InCarter was able to set off on a tour around Yorubaland, making treaties with Oyo and Egba, and finally persuading the Ibadan and Ekitiparapo forces to disperse. The victory was complete.

They were beaten off, and the Ibadan capture of Ilesha in marked the high point of Ibadan power Akintoye, Some of the Osun towns like Osogbo had willingly come under Ibadan protection. It was the peak of the rainy season, and many Ibadan soldiers drowned crossing the Oba and Osun rivers. EFCC opens case against Fayose. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. After some peculiar double-dealing, Glover expelled the Egba forces from their positions around Ikorodu by force inbut failed to achieve either his political or his economic objectives.

The man who took a white horse fully loaded with charms to Ogedengbe at Igbara-Oke was called Opiliki aka Asodedero. The people of Ofa heard that the Ilorins were in retreat, and cut the bridge across the Otin River in their rear. The British moved into the interior with the establishment of wr post at Ilaro inwhile the French invaded Dahomey in It is the place where the warriors made their weapons in olden days during the war.

The fact that there was no Oba King reflected the theoretical suzerainty of the Alaafin, though from its foundation Ibadan pursued an independent foreign policy. The main action of the war, however, took place kirijo the north-east.

Faragbota Tree Among the historical sites and relics is the Faragbota Tree. Ilorin joined in in the north.


After some initial reverses, the Ekitiparapo gained something of an advantage in the conflict, and the help they received from Ekiti Saro merchants in Lagos was crucial. Speculations were rife but one would boldly say he was born in the early 19th Century between — A. He was also the last military Kakanfo, being succeeded by a honourary holder, Samuel Ladoke Akintola. In fact, they hate the yorubas much more than they hate the northerners who has been and still persist in slaughtering them like roaches.

There are caves where the warriors do hide during the war. If u av a problem with the yorubas u can go create a thread for that.

OGUN KÍRÌJÍ, THE KIRIJI WAR () | Odediranyinka’s blog

Ilorin refused to stop fighting in the north where it was besieging Ofa. I personally would like to know kiirji about the military hardwares used, the war codes, the location and flashpoints of the war, the allies and enemies, heroes and villains and names of obliterated cities. No one could say he Aare Latosisa returned to Ibadan because any war lost by the Aare of Ibadan would be the last outing for kiriij in or outside Ibadan.

The missionaries, too, had relied on good relations with the interior, and their vulnerability had been shown by the ifole episode. Aftersome of the main protagonists of the war were themselves getting tired of it. This is another place where tobacco taba was grounded for Latoosa.

In Ibadan the population had increased to over 60, by They think it is that sticks and stones hide and seek chasing games they were playing with themselves sar it “war”.

It appears you already searched in google and elsewhere online and did not find detailed info. He said only the late business mogul-turned politician, Chief Moshood Abiola, who was the immediate past Aare Ona-Kakanfo did not visit the town for his final installation rites.

Latoosa: The Kakanfo that triggered Kiriji War

Then you have to tread the paths on both low and undulating lands, heaving deep sighs of fatigue until you begin to see the historical sites and relics of the war, each of which has various significances. Two good examples of such settlements are Osogun somewhere in Oyo and Ijaiye.


The Twelve Articles on the agreement, till today, are conspicuously inscribed as plaques on a monolith for posterity. McKenzie, Peter Rutherford Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fejeboju Stream Another historical site is the Fejeboju Stream. Owa Atayero invited him to appease the gods and goddesses of Ijesaland to avert the impeding problem but Ogedengbe told him that he was prepared to REST with his fore-fathers.

There is a local pool, the warriors had their bath there. Wars took the centre stage in different magnitudes, leaving ruins, anguish, sorrows and heavy losses in humans and properties in their wake. The Balogun of Ibadan entered the town the next day with his relief force. Oba Fasade stressed that wwr Kiriji War would remain indelible wwr the minds of the Yoruba following the big lessons it taught the people on the danger of allowing little controversy to snowball into big fight that could lead to full blast ethnic war.

By this time, Ijaiye probably had a population of 40, or more. Oke-Mesi, being Ekiti, sought the help of their ethnic kith and kin in Ijesaland, a famous general called Ogedengbe Agbogungboro, rallied warriors from Ekitiland and Ijesaland into a coalition of forces known as the Ekiti Parapo, jointly commanded by Ogedengbe and Fabunmi. Alaafin of Oyo, contacted the governor in Lagos who directed his resident at Oyo to wade into the communal conflict for immediate settlement.

The areas recently invaded kirijo Dahomey fell within the French sphere of influence. Captain Bower immediately drew the boyonnet of his gun to strike him, immediately the bayonet broke into seven 7 pieces. It was fought between and Ibadan was fighting on four other fronts, making it five fronts, during this civil war period.

The tree was planted at the place where Latoosa died kirkji he acknowledged that Latoosa was his leader and also because of the relationship between them in Ibadan. Kirji died inbefore the final capture and destruction of his town.

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