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Kenneth Kaunda was born in Chinsali, the Northern Province of Northern Rhodesia (now Zambia). Kaunda was a qualified teacher and taught. Kenneth Kaunda is a Zambian revolutionary and politician who served as the first president of the country. This biography profiles his childhood. Find Kenneth Kaunda biography and history on AllMusic – Kaunda is, of course, better known as the.

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Kaunda was never able to fully mitigate the animosity. While he had been known for his vehement opposition to apartheid in South Africahis critics were increasingly emboldened to speak out against his authoritarian rule, and also questioned his competence.

Unknown to many, Kenneth Kaunda wrote music about the independence he hoped to achieve. Inhe married Beatrice Kaweche Banda who bore eight children. For the time being, God bless and goodbye.

Constitutionally, whoever was in good standing with the party was at liberty to challenge him. However, many officials in the region appealed against this; on New Year’s Eve of the same year, he was placed under house arrest until the court lenneth. Kaunda tried to mediate the differences between the Church, local authorities and UNIP party members but was eventually unable to control party cadres in the North. Malawi and Zambia In Zambia: Kenneth Kaunda served as the first President of independent Zambia After UNIP went through the formalities kennrth re electing him as its leader, the rest of the Zambian population was given the opportunity kennetg express approval or disapproval of Kaunda by voting either “Yes” or “No” in a referendum.

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Africa South of the Sahara, Biogarphy, While expressing willingness to have the Zambian people vote on a multiparty system, Kaunda maintained that only a one-party state could prevent tribalism and violence from engulfing the country.


Kaunda is the youngest of eight children born to an ordained Church of Scotland missionary and teacher. Using these methods, Kaunda kept any potential rivals at bay by ensuring that they never got into a position to accrue any political power.

Fortunately, we came together and from that time on, it has always been peace. He always maintained warm relations with the People’s Republic of China who had provided assistance on many projects in Zambia, including the Tazara Railway. History will no doubt be kinder to Kaunda than current events might suggest. In practice, his control over the party was such that they were always accepted without modification. bography

Matters quickly came to a head in the summer of This was the tactic he used when he saw off Nkumbula and Kapwepwe’s challenges to his sole candidacy for the UNIP elections. Of course, since the members of the Central Committee had been nominated by Kaunda, he was always the sole candidate. Kaunda was the son of an African missionary teacher.

Kenneth Kaunda |

Inhe introduced the Mulungushi Reforms, in which he planned to acquire major shares in foreign-owned firms in kauda to boost the economy. He challenged this decision and in was declared a Zambian citizen. He cancelled bkography referendum, and instead recommended constitutional amendments that would dismantle UNIP’s monopoly on power. Retrieved kzunda April Retrieved 11 June Beginning in the early s, he began permitting the most prominent guerilla organisations, such as the Rhodesian ZANU and the African National Congressto use Zambia as a base for their operations.

Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia The June university student protests led to more riots, an announced coup, dancing in the streets, Kaunda contradicting himself on a referendum, and finally a restoration of multiparty government.


The new constitution was formally promulgated on 25 August of that year. Movement for Multiparty Democracy won the election with Frederick Chiluba as president. Modern Language Association http: A country endowed with spectacular highlands and extensive lakes, it occupies a narrow, curving strip of land along the East African Rift Valley.

Kenneth Kaunda

At that time, much of central Africa was run by minority white rule. It was impossible to stop this once it started, and it is impossible for us to go back now. In following tribal and inter-party violence, all political kkenneth except UNIP were banned through an amendment kneneth the constitution after the signing of the Choma Declaration.

At independence Kaunda’s government inherited a country with an economy that was completely under the control of foreigners.

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Retrieved 7 May Deciding on a planned economy, Zambia instituted a program of national development, under the direction of the National Commission for Development Planningwhich instituted a “Transitional Development Plan” and the “First National Development Plan”. Meanwhile, the anti-white minority insurgency conflicts of southern Africa continued to place a huge economic burden on Zambia as white minority governments were the country’s main trading partners.

In theory, Kaunda’s nominations could be discarded by Congress. Lyman wrote of those years: In the Kitwe campus was upgraded and renamed the Copperbelt Universityoffering business studies, industrial studies and environmental studies. Keep Exploring Britannica Abraham Lincoln.