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Burke’s Pentad (Dramatism). Kenneth Burke developed a critical technique called dramatism1. The foundation of dramatism is the concept of motive: the. Kenneth Burke’s dramatistic approach in speech criticism “Burke’s perspective on perspectives: Grounding dramatism in the representative. Kenneth Burke’s Dramatism. Life is drama; playing roles in relation to other people. Interest in the interaction of language and action. Symbolic.

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Burke said that we choose words because of their dramatic potential, and that we each have preference for particular parts of the pentad. Reclaiming Burke for Feminist Scholarship. Of note, the reasoning for Burke to emphasize his theory as literal relates to the reasons to why others claim it to be metaphorical: University of California Press.

Kenneth Burke and Dramatism

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A leaking private conversation provoked his racist and disparaging statement on African Americans.

Identification is a recognized common ground between two people’s substances, regarding physical characteristics, talents, occupation, experiences, personality, beliefs, and attitudes. Philosophy of literary form 3 rd ed.


Burke’s Pentad: Dramatism

Landmark essays on Kenneth Burke. Examining Aristotle’s principles of rhetoric, Burke points out that the definition of the “old rhetoric ” is, in essence, persuasion.

Motions are behaviors that are non-purposeful and non-meaningful. It may be a simple, single action, such as moving or speaking, or may be more complex and compound.

State University of New York. In universal scapegoating, the speaker blames everyone for the problem, so the audience associates and even feels sorry for the victim, because it includes themselves.

The agent is the fraternity guy who performed the act. Check date values in: Some topics as role taking, role distance are discussed. Burke himself discuses his feeling about the pentad in his book, The Philosophy of Literary Form When there is overlap between two people in terms of their substance, they have identification.

Symbolic Motivation

Because of the complexity and extension of Burke’s thinking, it is difficult to label the ontology behind his theory. Burke’s new rhetoric has also been used to understand the women’s equality movementspecifically in regards to the education of women and sharing of knowledge through print media. In fractional scapegoating, the speaker blames a specific group or a specific person for their problems.


So he takes some nude photos that he has of her and publishes them on the internet for revenge. He pivoted the fact and described it as a circumstance that he couldn’t control. Critical Discourse Studies, 2 1 The agent is who or what did the act.

Index of language articles. Burke staunchly argued that his theory of dramatism is a literal theory, understanding reality as a literal stage with actors and enactment. Retrieved 13 March from the World Wide Web: Why use “drama” as the metaphor?

Burke’s Five Elements of Dramatism

Gender differences in beliefs about female and male rape. The Academy of Management Executive, 14 1 University of California Pr. As Charles Kneupper comments on Burke’s work on this theory, that “i would concur that has been limitations in the application of dramatistic theory Impression Management or Cognitive Adjustment?