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Karukku has ratings and 22 reviews. Nandakishore said: I have recently decided to read more of Indian literature, and subaltern literature in particu. Bama (born ), also known as Bama Faustina Soosairaj, is a Tamil, Dalit feminist, committed teacher and novelist. She rose to fame with her autobiographical novel Karukku (), which. 30 May Using Bama’s Karukku as a case-study, it explores the shift between the generic conventions of individual life-writing and.

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Karukku, he says, is a singular example of a piece of writing which achieves this. She describes in detail karukky childhood in her village, her coming to terms with the reality that she is a Dalit, thus an untouchable and that she lived in a world that was hostile towards people like her.

Archita rated it really liked it Feb 02, It is her driving quest for integrity as a Dalit and Christian that shapes the book and gives it its polemic. It was an experience reading this.

Bama (writer)

Sangati takes karukky the story of that new community. It was in that Bama left the convent that she had been a member of for seven years. Karukku is an wonderful novel which I read with my whole heart…………Want to meet the writer Bama at least once in karuku life time………….

Karukku stands as a means of strength to the karukou whose identities have been destroyed and denied. Her illustration of culture within Christian convents is shocking. But I wrote the way people speak. Look for the index at the back of the book if you get confused. I don’t know whether this is a problem with the translation.

In the end, Bama makes the only choice possible for her. Faulkner’s Media Romance Julian Murphet. It is also important to note that Bama consistently uses the language of popular Catholicism, eschewing very largely, the terminology of theologians.


Friday, November 9, In particular, Bama’s work is autobiographical because it speaks to the predicament of the Dalit, of the untouchable, and how caste marginalization in the village setting serves to silence voice. Jun 01, Dhanya Narayanan rated it liked it. Anukriti rated karuklu liked it Sep 13, When The Personal Is Political: On the whole, the novel narrates how a dalit woman is exploited based on her caste, gender and class.

The same oppression that Bama faced outside, she faced in school and college, making it all even harder to pursue an education she could barely afford and that she had to fight hard for as a woman.

Lists with This Book. I appreciated her honesty and truly felt attracted to her writing. There is a new strength within them, urging them to reclaim that likeness which has been repressed, ruined and obliterated; and to begin to live with honour and respect and love of all humankind. Also, who are the Apart from her experiences, Bama’s lucid prose makes this book interesting. I wish I read it in tamil But I couldn’t get hold of the tamil version.

Examine how Karukku is a fictional autobiography. | eNotes

She describes a college party that she did not attend because she could not afford to buy a new saree, hiding in the karhkku until it was over. Had Bama simply written a work that only applied to herself in the form of her own narrative, she might not have been able to reach as many people.

To ask other readers questions about Karukkuplease sign up. And as readers of her work we are asked for nothing less than an imaginative karkkku into that different world of experience and its political struggle. Hardcoverpages. In this manner, she presents the pervasiveness of caste oppression — how it not only punctuates everyday life, but is an integral part of kkarukku, even in the memory of a community. This second edition includes a Postscript in which Bama relives the dramatic movement of her leave-taking from her chosen vocation and a special note ‘Ten Years Later’.


Bama is the pen name of a Dalit Christian, a former nun who decided to renounce her habit and come out of the convent to fight for the rights of her community when she realised that in India, even the hallowed halls of the Roman Catholic church was contaminated with karkku poison of caste.

Bama is writing in order to change hearts and minds. She has published three main works: As well as this subversion of karukkku Tamil, all Dalit writing is marked by certain other characteristics.

I often felt pained and ashamed.

Karukku – Bama Faustina, Lakshmi Holmström, Mini Krishnan – Oxford University Press

It is we who have to place them where they belong and bring about a changed and just society where all are equal.

I didn’t force a literary language on myself. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. karuukku

The first autobiography by a Dalit woman writer and a classic of subaltern writing, it is a bold and poignant tale of life outside mainstream Indian thought and function. For him, who is an avid reader, interested in history, literature and politics since childhood, it took years to chance upon this book. Where trotters tantalise the tongue: The narrative pace is very humdrum, and the sentences are repetitive and boring. Play Store and App Store. A Generous Vision Cathy Curtis.