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A Sadhana for the Solitary Figure of Glorious Kalachakra. ༄༅། །དཔལ་དུས་ཀྱི་ འཁོར་ལོ་དཔའ་བོ་གཅིག་པའི་མངོན་རྟོགས་བཞུགས་སོ། །. By Kunkhyen. Kalachakra Sadhanas. 9. The Uncommon Practice of Kalachakra Sadhana 時輪 金剛不共法儀軌. The Kalachakra Shield Practice Sadhana 時輪金剛盾牌法儀 . Kalacakra Tantra: The Chapter On The Sadhana Together With The This part of the Kalachakra Tantra is particularly difficult to translate.

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From A and AA, then vajras, come an Akshobhya and a Vajradhatu Ishvari, both green with three faces — green, red and white — and six arms, holding in the right three hands a vajra, a cleaver and axe, and in the left three ones a vajra handled dadhana, a skullcup and the head of a Brahma.

Supreme Triumphant Mandala Arrow down Arrow up Generation Within the origin of all phenomena, the endless sphere of space, from YAM comes a round cylinder of wind, black, marked in the center with the shape of a bow,ancient miles in breadth and marked with victory banners. Within the origin of all phenomena, the endless sphere of space, from YAM comes a round cylinder of wind, black, marked in the center with the shape of a bow,ancient miles in breadth and marked with victory banners.

If you are a student of Khenpo Pema or Lama Kunga then ask them. From seeing only relative truth, you will eventually reach kalacjakra profound certainty in the meaning of absolute truth.

Kalachakra practice in Sakya – Dharma Wheel

With the self-esteem of myself as a Holder of the Vajras, the fire of tummo, like stainless lightning, at the syllable HOH at my navel, being roused by my downward-voiding wind, scorches, with light-rays blazing up through the path of my avadhuti central channel, the five mandala rounds of energy-wind that, in the nature of my five aggregate factors, fall in my left energy-channel, and the five mandala rounds of energy-wind that, in the nature of my five elemental sources, fall in my right energy-channel, immobilizing them so that the sensors of my eyes and so forth are no longer involved with their objects.

Embraced in turn by a blue, six-armed Prajna-paramita, and a blue, six-armed Vajrasattva, they are emanated forth. Once again, from these individual syllables, arise the complete space, wind, fire, water, earth and Mount Meru, together with the lotus, moon, sun, Rahu and Kalagni supports, on top of which from HUM comes a vajra tent.

At my navel, on a yellow Kalagni disc, from a yellow HOH comes a yellow vajra with 65 spokes. These are beautified with rings and beaming with light.

Official Website of Khentrul Rinpoché

By the sounds of our consummate joy, the Triumphant Ones and their spiritual offspring are invited here before us. I have a vajra crown gem, vajra earrings, a vajra necklace, vajra bracelets, a vajra belt with a filigree skirt, vajra anklets, a vajra draping scarf, a garland of vajras and a tiger-skin wrap-around loose from my sadhzna.

People, not commercial organizations or chains of command, are what make great civilizations work. If there were a truly existent phenomenon as the result like that, it could not be an existent phenomena at all. May those persons who, through demonic friends, continually stray in the darkness of untruth and fall from the way, attain this spiritual path of the mind and, in not too long, arrive at the house of vajra-gems.


From my heart it proceeds to my throat in the manner of a man-made result — distinguished joy. From my navel it proceeds to my heart in the manner of a result that has ripened — supreme joy. Homage to you, rising from non-true existence; homage to you, arising from the Buddhas; homage to you, rising from space; homage to you, arising from deep awareness. Possessing all asdhana features such as eaves, beautified with hanging pendants, a parapet and so on, this immeasurably magnificent palace is, on top and bottom, black in the east, red in the south, white in the north, yellow in the west, and blue in the center.

Abridged Nine-Deity Kalachakra Sadhana

My enlightening body is blue in color, and I have three necks, the central one black, the right one red and the left one white. On top of it, from RAM, comes a disc of fire, red, triangular, marked with blazing flames. Of my four white hands, in the first is a conch, in the second a mirror, in the third a vajra iron chain, and in the fourth a four-faced head of Brahma.

The light-rays of the HUM at my heart invite from its natural abode the mandala of glorious Kalachakra, the Vanquishing Master Surpassing All, so that those within will draw this up through the tube of light of the single-spoked vajra of their tongues and partake of it. By the light-rays of the deep awareness of my great desire that blaze from the fire of tummo of the syllable HOH at my navel, I, a Holder of the Vajras, a Vanquishing Master Surpassing All, simultaneously with my ladies of discriminating awareness who have been standing on the seed-head and petals of the lotus, melt into bodhichitta, like what possesses a rabbit, and now in the form of drops remain here in the nature of great blissful awareness.

Who is online Users browsing this forum: To meditate on phenomena to be like that both truly existent and non-existent is not correct meditation on the nature of phenomena. Both are yellow with four faces — yellow, white, blue and red — and have eight arms, in the right hands of which the former is holding a conch, a reed pipe, a gem, and a hand-drum, and in the left a lute, a drum, a reverberating gong, and a long brass horn.

From the Buddhas and masters from whom I’ve received the highest empowerments, the Dharma of inseparable method and wisdom they show, and both Sangha divisions abiding in it, I clearheadedly take safe direction. The deities of the Three Vajras teach the Dharma to limited beings needing to be tamed, then return once more and remain before me.

Both are red with four faces — red, yellow, white and blue — and have eight arms, in the right hands of which the former is holding a butter-lamp, long necklace, a crown, and a bracelet, and in the left a length of cloth, a belt with a filigree skirt, an earring, and an anklet.

They do what is of meaningful benefit for wandering beings and then again, simultaneously with the winds that enter inside me, gather back into the syllable at their hearts, thus enacting the enlightening deeds of emanating out and gathering back in.


Through the purification of the 24 material classes of phenomena asserted by Samkhya there are my 24 weapons as the principal figure; And through the purification of the six elemental sources that are under the influence of the three universal constituents of natural matter there are my six external ornamental seals.

Meditation is not to kalachakr aimed at the meditator, meditation, and what is meditated on as existing in any of the four extreme sadhzna. Both are white with four faces — white, black, red and yellow — and have eight arms, in the right hands of which the former is holding bowls of milk, of water, of the supreme medicine, and of beer, and in the left, bowls of nectar, of an elixir with a taste that brings actualizations, of ambrosia fruit, and of a cooked delicacy.

Kaachakra this positive forced may all limited beings turn to and attain an unchanging, supremely blissful awareness. On top of them is a molding of jewels, resting on which is a golden quadruple colonnade.

A Sadhana for the Solitary Figure of Glorious Kalachakra – Official Website of Khentrul Rinpoché

The guests for the torma ritual cake, the supporting mandala and those supported within, dissolve into me. Correct meditation on voidness is not to be aimed at any of the four extremes.

The latter is holding eight yellow yaktail whisks. The latter is holding eight red yaktail whisks. What do you guys think? At my own private place, within a non-objectifying state, from a HUM comes a vajra, blue with five spokes, the hole of which is stopped with a syllable PHAT.

Building Up a Network of Deep Awareness If phenomena are regarded as totally non- existentthis is not correct meditation.

Standing atop a moon, a sun, a Rahu and Kalagni, most playfully with my right leg outstretched, my right leg is red and has underneath it a red Kamadeva, God of Desire, with one face and four arms, holding in his hands five flower-arrows and a bow, a grappling-rope and an elephant-hook. Kalachaira water element in my body dampens the fire. Instantaneously, I arise with one face and two arms.

In her left ones, she holds a skullcup, a grappling-rope, a hundred-petaled white lotus, and a gem. Most of the sadhana texts published are from the Gelug tradition and can be found at the International Kalachakra Network.

I prostrate to you, O glorious Kalachakra. Being merely touched by these rays of light, the syllable Kalacharka at the crown of my head melts like that which possesses a rabbit and, in the form of a drop, when it reaches from my crown to my throat — joy; when it reaches from my throat to my heart — supreme joy. We, as kalafhakra father and mother principal couple, absorb ourselves in a balanced union. Or there is no great differences between the various Kalachakra lineages and I can just refer to any available in saddhana market?