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“A giddy invasion of stories–brilliant, enigmatic, troubling, outrageous, erotic, beautiful.” –The New York Times Book Review “So brilliant. With the same narrative fecundity and imaginative sympathy he brought to his acclaimed retelling of the Greek myths, Roberto Calasso plunges Western readers. At once novel, cultural essay, mythology, and collection of linked stories, Italian writer Calasso’s newest is a buoyant, expansive narrative that.

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Roberto’s complex and erotic style of writing might not make the book a terrific page-turner. Anything, so long as there be a trial, a risk, a task. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone k already is familiar with Hindu myths and would like a new perspective on them, and is fine with a headache inducing writing style.

He bg in Milan, where he is publisher of Adelphi Edizioni. The secret thought of the narrative is the horse. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Existen pasajes de una inteligencia asombrosa y otros de una emotividad conmovedora. Most Indians would have heard almost all the tales that are mentioned in this book. One thrust its branches upward, the other towards the ground. Di cosa parla sta scritto nella quarta. An excellent introduction to Vedic myth made even more interesting because it is written by an author so proficient in Greek myth -so the parallels he draws between the two are insightful.

On opposite branches, at the same height, two birds could be made out, “inseparable friends. A tour de force of scholarship and seduction, Ka is irresistible. When asked by the gods why bother with another mode of production, Brahma answered, “To preserve the world’s gloss. The narrative wandered around like the horse. Although, it covers only minuscule section of Indian myths and stories, still it makes a great reading.


Following his wife’s death, Siva wrecked Robeto sacrifice. Why is the most important god in the Rg Veda, the oldest of India’s sacred texts, known by a secret name–“Ka,” or Who? The world he created was magical! Feb 08, Fulvio Tai Chi rated it it was amazing. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


His father Francesco was a law professor, first at Florence University and then in Rome, where he eventually became dean of his faculty. What ensues is not an explanation, but an unveiling. Lecture given 17 October in Moscow, for an exhibition on the Adelphi publishing company; published on the on-line literary review Adelphiana16 November Calaaso solve that problem Brahma created Death.

When the horse returned, it was strangled, and then the king’s first wife lay with the dead horse, its phallus introduced into her vulva. In the story-within-a-story, Ganga was initially a proud woman who thought she could sweep Siva away like a straw.

Ka: Stories of the Mind and Gods of India

K restricts the focus to kw single author, Franz Kafka ; this trend continues with Il rosa Tiepoloinspired by an adjective used by Proust to describe a shade of pink used by Tiepolo in his paintings. Roberto Calasso born 30 May in Florence is rlberto Italian writer and publisher. Inspired by Your Browsing History. All that is preface to the Indian epic Mahabharata.

He also serves as the president of the International Alexander Lernet-Holenia Society, which promotes the publication, translation and study of this multi-genre Austrian writer and his focus on the identity crisis of his characters at odds with postimperial Vree and Central Europe.


Pampered by its own omnipotence, its own capacity to connect and identify everything with everything, the mind needs an obstacle at least as big as the world.

Exhilarating, to see retelling of lesser known stories from Hindu mythology. While I enjoyed the journey, a part of me wants to go back and read rboerto just to see if I missed anything.

KA by Roberto Calasso | Kirkus Reviews

In the first story, Garuda, the eagle, is born to save his mother from slavery to her own sister. Feb 11, Michael rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reading this roberti my brain feel effervescent, and I often had to put the book down after a paragraph simply to savor what I had just read.

Calasso’s uncle, Tristano Codignola, was a partisan during World War II who after the war joined the political life of the new republic, and was for a while Minister of Education. I must confess that I did struggle a lot with that, and a lot went sailing over my head.

Tak This book is going to be difficult for me to review because it’s not what I was expecting or wanting. What attracted her most was obscurity.

As far as readability goes, it deserves a one. In this way we learn that Prajapati is like the K.

Look at that huge plant carefully, you saw that there was in fact two trees, inextricably twisted together.