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CLICK FOR WHAT’S NEW (AS COMPARED WITH THE GY-HDU). The smallest and most affordable HD Cinema production camera available! JVC’s. JVC GY-HDE 3-CCD ProHD camcorder Interchangeable lenses (16x lens supplied) See All Professional JVC Camcorders. JVC GY-HDE HDV Camcorder Review. by Nigel Cooper. nigel I ve heard so many things about these two new HDV camcorders from JVC.

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The stock lens has signs of chromatic aberration. Shooting formats So what about the shooting modes? The means by which the eyecup affixes to the viewfinder seemed strangely flimsy and in use it uvc off, becoming near impossible to reattach.

JVC GY-HD101E HDV Camcorder Review

My answer to that is, learn to shoot like a cinematic film cameraman, adapt your shooting technique for 25P, get some 25P shooting techniques training from someone who is used to shooting on film. On paper the Sony Z1 has better resolution than the HDE, which means the Sony could have a slight advantage for certain specialized shooting applications such gy-yd101e green screen chromakey shoots.

As a result most of the HDTV? This promise and expectation extends across the quality and characteristics of the format itself and to the cameras and lenses that acquire it. What is with this HuaweiPhobia? Well, the Gain switch is rectangle in shape and the White Balance switch is perfectly round, why? Picture quality For this review I could not test the camera to its full potential with a HD screen, as I would have liked, so my viewing was on standard definition monitors.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, when I fist took the GY-HDE out of the bag I was really impressed with the build quality and after playing around with it indoors for an hour Jcv was quite simply blown away by the overall feel and built quality. You will learn to appreciate the manual system that professional lenses employ and after all, if you can learn how to use a professional manual lens system like this, then you can use any high end broadcast professional lens too as they all use the very same system.

Everything gy-hd101 this camera feels solid; I got the impression that these cameras will last a very long time and take some serious documentary location shoot punishment.


JVC GY-HD101E Camcorder – Black

Nigel Cooper Review Date: And only a fool would believe that celluloid has any future in the cinema process for either shooting or projection. Whilst balance and ergonomics weren?

There are however a multitude of extremely effective post-production options for creating the look of film and the cadence of progressive scan that many movie makers might opt for in an attempt to have the cake and eat it; and the look of film, without sacrificing frame size by going with The first problem was solved with repeat attempts but you? Nvc our privacy policy for more information. I can only imagine that the footage would be even more impressive on a decent HD monitor.

Although both the JVC and Sony both use 4: This is especially true of wedding videos, simply because it looks more film-like, kind of smoother and more romantic, which is what weddings are supposed to be about anyway.

Colours were punchy, blacks were nice and crushed jgc there appeared to be a fairly decent contrast range too. This is the only true way to ensure your images are in pin sharp focus at both ends of the lenses focal length and it is how the professionals have been doing it for years. Some of the problems mentioned above also might be attributed to dirty-heads, worn. Likewise, the Progressive manner of capturing and constructing an image is often lauded as much more?

JVC would argue this is the best of both worlds and you can have i if you want it. Since I wrote this review, JVC have released firmware updates to reduce the problem. These playback controls are a little hard to see, this is because the earpiece, which is mounted on the back of the handle obscures gy-nd101e view of them slightly, which makes seeing the first three buttons Stop, Play, Rew a little difficult to see. Also, i acquisition can, in post-production, be rather easily trans-coded into progressive-scan p.

Certainly there is always a public perception arguably arrived at mostly in ignorance that?

In hindsight I should have asked JVC to loan me one of those too. The first was simply camera detection and connectivity which took more than a few camera restarts and plug reconnections. Amazing price for a very complete professional camera. Whilst I did manage to alleviate the problem I still repeatedly was left with corrupted tails on clips captured through basic scene-detection capture.


The only other gremlin I found was the lack of i recording in HDV format, more on this in the next section. The 25 progressive frames that you end up with are what give that film look as it is so close to 24fps frames-per-secondwhich is what film cameras record at.

What also must be remembered gh-hd101e the over-arching golden rule when dealing with raster images those made up of pixels you can always come down, but you can? All that said, JVC aren? Poor image performance in low light. For audio, the twin XLR balanced audio inputs and independent manual level control dials give very good sound options.

Of course, it could be that old government TAX issue, which gets stamped onto imported recording devices, who knows.

Well there are two broadcast standard balanced XLR audio microphone sockets, a nice clear 3. The reason for this is that the slightly more staccato image movement of progressive scanning, that is not as visually smooth as interlaced fields, gives a more film-like cadence or feel to the motion of the image. Is jvcc the camera to usurp the positions so strongly held by Canon and Sony models? All the levers, buttons, XLR sockets and various switches felt like they will withstand been switched and pulled thousand of times without any hint of wearing or breaking off.

A touch of purple fringing at the extreme close end of the zoom range. The original intention of having two formats was first that the smaller one would allow for a stepping stone transition on the way to the yg-hd101e size yy-hd101e No two ways about it, the HDE looks and feels like a professional, shoulder-mounted camera.

This is incredibly smooth and not to be confused with consumer yy-hd101e zoom lenses when they are in manual zoom mode.

JVC GY-HDE Camcorder – Black | eBay

The shoulder pad can also be slid back and forth to find a comfy position. Shooting with the HDE presented no real issues. Gy-hd101ee the recording is completed, the unit enters the Record-Standby mode.

Why throw away a frame for a slower frame rate when you don? The chips require a lot of energy to capture the footage.