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Mary: The full details are in it this mornin’; seven wounds he had — one entherin’ the neck, with an exit wound beneath the left shoulder-blade; another in the left. Title. Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey. Author. O’Casey, Sean, Availability. Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons. Juno and the Paycock is a play about an extraordinary period in Irish. $, On the point all of this to bear on one family and gives us a whole chunk of Irish freedom dumped upon .. The text gives you clues as well. Like the thing about.

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BOYLE making no move. Boyle to her chair, and Mary to the sofa. Joxer, Joxer, are you there? The voice of a coal-block vendor is heard chanting in the street. Joxer comes in door r. After some coaxing, MRS.

I remember as well as I remember yestherday, at a party given to celebrate the comin’ of the first chiselur to Annie an’ Benny Jimeson — who was the barber, yous may remember, in Henrietta Street, that, afther Easter Week, hung out a green, white an’ orange pole, an’, then, when the Tans started their Jazz dancin’, whipped it in agen, an’ stuck out a red, white an’ blue wan instead, givin’ as an excuse that a barber’s pole was strictly non-political — singin’ ” An’ You’ll Remember Me “, with the top notes quiverin’ in a dead hush of pethrified attention, folleyed be a clappin’ o’ hans that shuk the tumblers on the table, an’ capped be Jimeson, the barber, sayin’ that it was the best rendherin’ of ” You’ll Remember Me ” he ever heard in his natural!


Joxer meeting him at the door. I have somethin’ else to think of besides collogin’ with Joxer. She thinks violently for a second. He screws on cap of fountain-pen, puts it hack in breast pocket, and sits back with an important air on the sofa.

Full text of ” OU Juno And The Paycock”

Here’s the hearse, here’s the hearse! No, we don’t want any blocks! It was simply due to an over- wrought imagination — we all get that way at times. Oh, it’s a darlin’ funeral, a daarlin’ funeral!

There was nothin’ there thr all — it was the red light you seen, an’ the talk we had put all the rest into your head. What about yourself, Mrs. The party has settled down for a drink and a few songs.

Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

Oh, good evening, Mary; how pretty you’re looking! Boyle comes in from room l. You might as well know now, Johnny, as another time. I’ll wait for it, will I? Boyle sitting at fire ; turning to look at Jerry.

What a comical name 1 Boyle.

Test, Joxer, you want to see me? You hardly speak to me, an’ then only a word with a face o’ bittherness on it. Mary crosses over stage, behind table, to Bentham, l. Wait till you hear what Mr. Well, lot him look I Mrs. Votive lamp lit, and frosted amber baby spot on it. All a gramo- phone wants is to be properly played; it’s thrue wondher is only felt when everythins quiet — what a gramophone wants is dead silence!


He turns to look around the room, and catches sight of the bottle of stout on the table. Boyle comes doum- stage, flul a chair, and sits down above fireplace, almost facing Benttiam, but in full view of audience. Bentham takes a large-looking document from breast pocket, opens it out. Johnny, Johnny, come out here pzycock a minute. Tancred; it’s a cowld night, an’ the win’s blowin’ sharp. He was not what some call pious — seldom at church or prayer; For the greatest scoundrels I tfxt, sir, goes every Sunday there.

A bottle o’ stout ud be a little too heavy for me stummock afther me tay. BOYLE packing the things away with a rush in the press.

Boyle; I’m in a desperate hurry, a desperate hurry. The happiness of man depends upon his sympathy with this Spirit. His face is like a bundle of crinkled paper; his eyes have a cunning twinkle; he is spare and tedt built; he has a habit of constantly shrugging his shoulders with a peculiar twitching movement, meant to be ingratiating.

Full text of “Juno And The Paycock()”

Some men become Yogi in a short time, it may take others millions of years. The foreman in Foley’s told me you hadn’t left the snug with Joxer ten minutes before I went in. U-u-ugh, that’s a grand-lookin’ insthrument — how much was it?