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Magie Duvivier by Jon Racherbaumer – Book Dominique Duvivier, one of the most famous professional magicians in France and the creator of “Printing” has. Products 1 – 20 of 64 Jon Racherbaumer: (22nd January -)Born in Oak Park, Illinois, under the sign of Aquarius. His early years were spent in Elmhurst. Results 1 – 12 of 55 Oct by Giovanni Livera and Jon Racherbaumer by Jon RACHERBAUMER by Earle Oakes (Illustrator) Jon Racherbaumer.

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Jon Racherbaumer

They jo semi-automatic because minimal dexterity is required. This is how the his trick appeared to audiences: Introduction At The Beginning Thoughts The methods explained in this manuscript involve cutting a deck to ostensibly change its order. Polishing and old principle of mooted origin Jon Racherbaumer Related to What About the Buckle Count? Tarbell had donated his entire course to the local library, Jon spent many hours diligently studied each volume along with other magic books in the library.

Jon Racherbaumer – Magicpedia

On Jordan’s “Contrary Clock”. Next, a spectator names a card and, finally, the named card matches the jln card. His other interests are literature, book collecting, martial arts, philosophy, poetry, film, theater theorycosmology, painting, mathematical recreations, and physical culture.


A Promising Premise Jon Racherbaumer Unpacking Dai Vernon’s Pact When Vernon’s trick appeared, its puzzling aspect centers on the fact that the jin chooses one of three cards and the one chosen changes into his selection. Variations Impromptu Blankwave Richard Kaufman Inspired by Pyramid Jay Sankey In the process, it hopes to show rachfrbaumer a given trick evolves, sometimes devolves, and ultimately reflects the periods of time this process has occurred.

Piano Roles Jon Racherbaumer Jon loves to collect, compare, and organize tricks into themes and plots. Bob Stencil and Terry LaGerold devised a narrative that logically excused the surprise appearance of the Queens.

Commentary on Penn and Teller. This is the reason the extended presentation in this manuscript surpasses mere exposition.

Kabbala – Volume 2 Vol. Olram Cunningly Catches a Card. Unlimited Count Variation and Display.

Don England’s Gaffed to the Hilt! Inspired by Card Chronometry Jon Racherbaumer Books by Jon Racherbaumer.

His other interests are: Retrieved from ” https: Shop with racherbumer thanks to our Price Matching Policy. Million Dollar Card Secrets. Inspired by Gaffed Method Edward Marlo Inspired by Bandaid Jay Sankey I Won’t Even Look. A Case for Crossing Cards. Letters to the Editor.


Jon Racherbaumer | Conjuring Arts

Feel free to contact us. Spectator Cuts Off more than he can Choose. Jacob Daley, there are lots of tangled connective tissue and ancestral than meets the eye. They seldom, if ever, mentally selected them. Then, without any further movements or fanfare, the “odd” card inexplicably travels to the other pile.

Five cards are shown to a spectator who is asked to think of one of them My original plan was to prepare a salmagundi of previously published material by Marlo that was easy to do; to select methods which stressed subtlety and psychological cunning and required no difficult sleights.

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