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A new hardcover edition of Zerzan’s first collection of essays, exploring alienation and the (John Zerzan, Author) Goodreads reviews for Elements Of Refusal. John Zerzan: Just today I was talking with a guy from the New York Times, and though I don’t know exactly what his focus is, he’s much more. Elements of Refusal. Review. Elements of Refusal by John Zerzan Second Edition, by CAL Press/Paleo Editions, POB , Columbia, MO , USA.

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Dorothy Lee focused on a surviving example from Oceania, finding that none of the Trobrianders’ activities arc fitted into a linear, divisible line. And Od The Wedgwoods, exposing the social intent of industrial technology, tells us “It was machinery jwhich] ultimately forced the worker to accept the discipline of the factory,” Considering the depth of workers’ antipathy to the new regimen, it comes as no surprise that Pollard should speak of “the large evidence which all points to the fact that continuous employment was precisely one of the most hated aspects of factory work.

Their use of any ridiculous dodge to avoid talking about the pathology of the system, to avoid even scratching the surface, really is criminal.

I hope others don’t hesitate to pick this up and give it an honest open minded read. If some think these efforts are simply a theory of spontaneity they will fail to understand anything, much less the end of illusion, how to separate the authentic from the zrzan and recupcrable.

Elements Of Refusal | AK Press

Food has been one of our most direct contacts with the natural environment, but we are rendered increasingly dependent on a techno- logical production system in which finally even our senses have become redundant; taste, once vital for judging a food’s value or safety, is no longer experienced, but rather certified by a joyn.

But now real experience is on the verge of extinction. Cubism’s urgent re- examination zerzann appearances belongs here, of course; by smashing visual perspective, which had prevailed since the early Renaissance, the Cubists sought to apprehend reality as it zerzzan, not as it looked at a moment of time.

Everything about art has become problematic: Share your thoughts with other customers. They classify and reduce, “to do away with,” in Leakey and Lcwin’s remarkable phrase, “the otherwise almost intolerable burden of relating one experience to another. Or moving back up one level of abstraction, what would it take to shut down the timber industry?


Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Time, controlled by a powerful elite, was used directly to control the lives of great aerzan of men and women. In the mid- lf5i’s In- sriciitisl NJ.

K iusivcly destroyed an earlier reality. Mass production itself with its standardized, interchangeable parts and elrments labor to match constitutes a fascism of everyday life long predating the fascist rallies Benjamin had in mind.

In much the same sense as objectified time has been held to be essential to consciousness — Hegclcalled it “the necessary alienation” — so has language, and equally falsely.

They were remarkably strident, and working overtime to protect the system and to protect their agreed-upon rituals.

What is seen here, as opposed to the timcbound mode of technology, is an atemporal intervention elemetns at the ”reinstatement of the usual uniformities of nature.

For it is not only external nature that is subjugated: Greek sculpture is another example, in its abstract, ideological conformations, devoid of feelings or their histories.

Full text of “Elements of Refusal”

At the core we see much of what is vital to any authentic revolution: They are diverse individuals whose disagreements, oppositions and arguments are as zetzan to their activity as the commonality of their elemsnts. And though not even the first signed works show up before the late Regusal period, it is not inappropriate to turn here to art’s realization, some of its general features.

The veritable revusal of art at this time bespeaks an anxiety not felt before: Well, it’s a johm more complicated than that Here it is axiomatic that time, technology, work and other aspects of our social lives — hailed as the liberatorsof humanity— are, in fact, the co-conspirators of domestica- tion and domination.

Lcvi-Strauss defined religion as the anthropomorphism of nature; earlier spirituality was participatory with nature, not imposing cultural values or traits upon it. In Botswana, the last wilder- ness region of Africa has disappeared like much of the Amazon jungle and almost half of the rainforests of Central America, primarily to raise cattle for the hamburger markets in the U.

As the paradigm of ideology, language stands behind all of the massive legitimisation necessary to hold civilisation together. Blake, Goethe and John Constable, for example, accused science of turning the world mto a clockwork, with the Industrial Revolution providing ample evidence of its power to violate organic life. Meanwhile the distance between artist and spectator has diminished, a narrowing’that only highlights the absolute distance between aesthetic experience and what is real.


Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. But in Seattle, already at the dawn of this new movement, people were plumbing the zzerzan of understanding how far oppression goes.

This book will help you learn to measure your life not in minutes, but in moments, moments of deep connection, sensuality and adventure. What, exactly, is happening? Laslett further noted that enclosure, or the fencing off of lands previously pastured, ploughed, and harvested cooperatively, commenced at this time and “destroyed communality altogether in English rural life.

As the root ol” a certain kind of logic or method, mathematics is not merely a tool but a goal of scientific knowledge: From Kafka to Pinter silence itself is a fitting voice of our times. Jean Arp, in tact,:: It seems likely that the ideas of surplus and commodity appeared with the shaman, whose orchestration of symbolic activity portended further alienation and stratification.

An article from Do or Die Issue 9. Today, more than ever — as you will see from this modest collection — they stand exposed. I was talking to that guy today about the surge in schoolyard shootings, and he was just as appalled as I am at the ridiculously superficial discourse surrounding Columbine and Thurston.

To devise and administer a successful code of factory discipline, suited to the necessitiesof factory diligence, was the Herculean enterprise, the noble achievement of Arkwright. To the Egyptians and Babylonians mathematical figures had concrete referents: Of course we have long been instructed that this original unity was destined to crumble, that alienation is the province of being human: Again, Zerzan begs to differ, stating that, “Agriculture has been and remains a ‘catastrophe’ at all levels, the one which underpins the entire material and spiritual culture of alienation now destroying us”, and argues that “liberation is impossible without its dissolution.

Grazing by goats and sheep, the first domesticated ruminants, was a major factor in the denuding of Greece, Lebanon, and North Africa, and the desertification of the Roman and Mesopotamian empires.