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Das verlorene Paradies has ratings and reviews. Agir(آگِر) said: از خود کتاب زیاد لذت نبردم ولی توضیحات مترجم در مورد اطلاعات تاریخی و مذهب. Find Das Verlorene Paradies by Milton, John at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. – Buy Das Verlorene Paradies Großuck book online at best prices in India on Read Das Verlorene John Milton: Das verlorene Paradies.

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Milton’s blank verse is incredible. It is also very interesting to see how Adam and Eve lived together. I can see why this work has provoked extreme positive and negative reactions in readers and critics. Rather I read it as myself, a person who is rather sarcastic and critical of most things, but especially continuity errors.

Das verlorene Paradies John Milton The stories of Genesis just don’t hold up when translated into this talky, ornate idiom. But, even when doing this ideas are borrowed from Greek mythology. Want to Read saving…. Reprinted in with the help of original edition published long back [].

They are told of Satan’s presence in molton garden and recognize this as being something to fear. Russell Books Ltd Condition: But reading this made me appreciate my parents all the more. I much prefer a life which strives for immortality in its own time, where works, deeds, and names are what we leave to posterity, where immortality is never ‘achieved’ but lies on the jjohn of humankind, either cultivated or left to die.


As it is, Paradise Lost is pretty difficult reading, with almost no metaphor or alliteration to lighten the task. And virtually no one who reads the poem knows all the things Milton alludes to.

Sign up to receive offers and updates: Paradise Lost – Spoilers. If he had permitted himself any poetic devices it would have helped. Any type of Customisation verlkrene possible.

Worse, I had pretty well lost any appreciation for the wonder and profundity of this mystery. It doesn’t even rhyme. View all 3 comments.

Das verlorene Paradies by John Milton (2 star ratings)

Bought the book for a pound back in and, my oh my, there’s a reason it’s taken me seventeen years to get around to reading it. Here we get away from our bible blueprint and break some new ground.

I read this in college and really enjoyed it. There’s nothing “barbaric” about it, and in English the glories of meter and rhythm are weak without rhyme. I think he’s a little bit psychotic, extremely narcissistic, and incredibly sexist, and that made it more difficult for me to read, knowing that he wrote it. If it is multi volume set, then it paradiees only single volume.

Das Verlorene Paradies

I feel kinda bad for rating this book only two stars, but at the same time, I don’t think it deserves three. I also wonder how long he slept because when he wakes up Eve is the same as him, or was it that because god created her specifically for Adam that they had to be that same.


I did plod through this epic poem because I thought I had been missing something. Samuel Johnson praised Paradise Lost as “a poem parzdies The verse is exquisite, certainly, but how long must the reader bang her read against this jewel-studded giant of literature before she tires of it?

Sorry, on the book it’s clear that God, Jesus and the Angels are all male, and that the Women are just a by product of perfection and not a near match. It is downright offensive, especially to women, who are constantly described as weak, made for mlton purpose of serving men, and source johj all evil.

Das verlorene Paradies

I hope no fan of Milton ever reads this review. For nearly years, it has held generation upon generation of audiences in rapt attention, and its profound influence can be seen in almost every corner of Western culture. I think when we study this epic poem it will be great to analyse but reading or listening to it simultaneously on youtube, praise libba vox recordings was dire.

Guilt, that inwardly looking foe. Glad I mliton it. In a general sense, Milton can be placed comfortably among a gaggle of intellects who warn us of the dangers of persuasion by silken tongue rather than sound argument.