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Find I Ching by Blofeld, John at Biblio. Uncommonly good collectible and rare books from uncommonly good booksellers. I Ching translated by John Blofeld. John Blofeld () was a British writer on Asian religion and philosophy. His version of I Ching, puhblished originally. Dear Friends, I picked up a bargain price copy of John Blofeld’s I-Ching last week . I really like the introductory chapters which are quite.

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Countless readers have found that this old Chinese text is still able to speak directly to them – even in a way that they feel has relevance for their future. Your purchase benefits world literacy! The method of repelling yin is to get rid of wrong by means of right, to destroy falsehood by truth, like righteousness in joh leader of the army.

Also, the complete Tao Te Ching translated and explained.

Divination, Order, and the Zhouyi by Richard Gotshalk. Plus, it is complete and affordable. Looking for More Great Reads? May not contain Blofele Codes or Supplements. Wilhelm TranslatorC. How predictions are made by classical astrology and the full horoscope chart, with many examples. Lots of musing about the meaning of divination itself.

A brief introduction, then advice in place of a translation. Here’s a few of the most prominent ones, and some more information about the book and its history. It’s sort of an honorary title for a book, signifying that it belongs to the all-time Chinese cultural treasures. Good with uohn dust jacket. Also included are many variations on the Plum Blossom method, and things like Geomancy as here defined, something like feng shui and Directionology determining what physical direction to travel in a given situation.


Plus, the mohn version of Watson is the weighty hardback edition. Not much to say here.

…life can be translucent

He died of cancer at age 74 in BangkokThailand. Gather all your energy, begin cautiously and persevere. Jung asks I Ching about I Ching Appendices include an explanation of the binary number system, tables of hexagram opposites, a Basic program for analyzing lines, and an extensive annotated bibliography. Wang Yang and Jon Sandifer. I think this one reads the best; but there is no index to the hexagrams by name. Be the first to write a review. Probably not that many, but more so with a German edit made in Each hexagram is accompanied by an illustration.

Skip to main content. His studies and his collected experiences with the sages and mystics of China are of special interest, because he entered this realm in an era before the Cultural Revolution which aimed at annihilating all ties to the old feudal Chinese identity. He left a son and daughter who currently reside in Spain and Chesham. Inhe flew to Hebei.

My first Tao Te Ching.

Its name and age Its nature How the Bloefld Ching works Beyond the jargon The lines Change Trigrams Trigrams in hexagrams How to cast a reading Your question Casting a hexagram Look up your answer Trace the changes Overview of a reading Hexagrams and changing lines Getting started interpreting Some example readings Choosing questions Why the question matters Finding your real blofled Are there any wrong questions?


The word chou means circle or something revolving, as well as universal. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

But the wisdom that it imparts is the foundation of much of Eastern thought Understanding the I Ching translated by Tom Riseman. It contains 4 3or 81, tetragrams, reminiscent of the number of chapters in the Tao Te Ching.

All pages secure in binding.

Anyone read Blofeld’s I-Ching ?

My advice with either version is not to spend too much time on the commentary; it tends to throw you off. Please contact us if you have questions regarding this item. The interesting thing about the book is that the hexagrams are arranged in the Fu Hsi order, the King Wen sequence being seen as less logical and therefore patriarchal.