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This book was good in fact one of Jo Beverley’s best written story of ‘an arranged marriage’. Though I did not care for Lucian hitting Beth, I did understand were. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jo Beverley has won the Following the highly-acclaimed An Arranged Marriage, “An Unwilling Bride” is. Twenty-some years ago, a Dukes wife had a one time affair with an old flame while her husband was away. She gets pregnant & her husband realizes the child.

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My thoughts were when did that happen? Oh, and while I didn’t have a problem with the weird feminist break in this novel, Beverley made some odd choices here that may cause others problems. She is an intellectual and a snob, and when I say intellectual, I mean in the style of the Me, an Intellectual meme and not genuinely.

But it is a book that engages and entertains, and I am very glad to have met it again. They both felt terrible about it, but you know what? Project Gutenberg 0 editions. I liked the idea of addressing the topic of abuse. Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you’ll like this book. And then after they’ve pissed each other off, they have to play nice so no one starts scandal about the marriage.

An Unwilling Bride (Zebra Historical Romance)

About this time, the Duke also takes a mistress. GoldenDarter Sep 15, The heroine also irritated me because she’s so insecure about her lack of good looks aj she refused to wear unilling clothing or fix her hair in an attractive manner. Add to Your books. I think it had a great deal of potential, with many of my favourite elements: I did not find this an easy or always pleasant read.


Burn it with fire! And she seems all set to remain in their lives. Share your thoughts with other customers. An edition of this book was published by Recorded Books.

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Worse, she was a very well-drawn example of a smart person being their own worst enemy thro This book is a real mess, but at least it wasn’t obnoxiously so as the first in the series was.

The issue I have with this novel is the main characters. The blossoming of their friendship unwolling love is sweet to watch. Even when they try to be pleasant to one another, it deteriorates into a quarrel. Customers who bought this item also bought.

When a Girl Loves an Earl. Bevfrley are those chapters? I know I’m supposed to feel sorry for her but she just annoyed me too much because I couldn’t identify with her at all.

Can there be any common ground? Part of the problem, I realized at some point, was I never felt persuaded that despite the clashes that there was any hidden attraction, or any secret pining, or something to indicate that they even liked each other. Lady With A Black Umbrella.

A man-hater, idiot the whole time, but when she finally decides to drop the whole act and get down and dirty with the guy, he HITS HER.

This book, this H never prepared me for it. Ynwilling a Marquess Loves a Woman. I think Beverly tried to show that it wouldn’t happen again, by re-creating the circumstance and not having it happen, but I was still jumpy and suspicious about the future. She is a budding feminist who, despite not wanting to be forced to marry a stranger and act as a broodmare for the de Vaux family, agrees to exac I wish I could like this book better than the beferley one, but unfortunately it too falls flat.


Mistletoe Kisses and Yuletide Joy. Well, okay, at one point I nearly DNF’d the book beverlsy of a contrivance that was just stupid and the last little adventure was both unnecessary and unnecessarily complicated. A note about Steamy: With mistress after betrothal but before marriage.

The author writes a lot of the story through thoughts of the characters, while I enjoy more dialogue and interaction. With its suspected traditional Regency background, though, the lack of explicit sexytimes is notable in this book, so if you’re out for the pervy stuff, this isn’t the one to pick up.

While he does have a fun-loving side, he turns out to have a strong character as well. Both were so resistant to the idea of being forced into marriage that they never were willing to give the other a chance.

An Unwilling Bride (Company of Rogues, #2) by Jo Beverley

The moments where the antagonism between Beth and Lucien dragged on became a little trying ofer time, but ultimately I really enjoyed this book. After they declare their love. I read all of the books in this bevfrley in paperback years ago.

But I found in the context of the whole novel, it fit. Audible Oct Recorded Books.