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Returns information about the JFreeReport class library. . These properties are inherited to all ReportStates generated for this report. Returns. ionalgroup resources .. ncedoc, Classes which generate. The reportgenerator initializes the parser and provides an interface the the default parser. To create a report from an URL, use tance ().

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The Report Designer is a desktop reporting tool that provides a visual design environment to easily create sophisticated and rich reports. You can also add your own images and logos to the reports. Which data sources are supported by Pentaho Reporting? Is is also possible to generate reports as part of a Kettle Transformation and to use PDI to distribute the generated files according to more complex business rules.

The library can be jfreereport in both server-side and client-side scenarios. It was designed to be used as an out-of-the-box reporting application and as a reporting component to integrate with other applications. Pentaho’s reporting capabilities are easy enough for smaller companies, but offer the greater flexibility needed to integrate well, even in the complex IT solutions of the largest companies. Such direct embedding of the reporting engine is suitable for generating gnerate in the backend or for a desktop application.


ReportGenerator (JFreeReport Class Library)

These computer generated reports easily refine data from various sources into a human readable form. Pentaho Reporting styling is flexible, and allows the report designer to choose the granularity at which they want to manipulate the look and feel, right down to font styling on individual characters.

Documents generated by Pentaho Reporting can be accessed via our integrated WebViewer, saved as files or sent by e-mail to a pre-defined list of recipients. It is geared towards experienced and power users, who are familiar with the concepts and data sources used. Pentaho Reporting is a lightweight embeddable reporting engine that you can control from your own code to run reports and access all available data sources.

This allows you to combine the power of Pentaho’s BI capabilities with the code of your own web-application. Pentaho Reporting integrates perfectly with the BI Server and allows you to share reports with co-workers and peers.

What types of companies can use Pentaho Reporting? Can I customize how reports look? Jfreerepor companies will simply want to download the project in a standalone manner and start building, scheduling and distributing reports, while others will want to embed and integrate the project into their own applications, using exclusively the components they need and customizing it to fit their application.


Pentaho Reporting is used across all industries and the public sector, ranging from Fortune companies to small businesses.

Pentaho Reporting’s development is driven by the goal of creating a flexible yet simple to use reporting engine. Suite of Open Source reporting tools that enables the creation of relational and analytical reports from a wide range of data sources.


With high performance at low memory consumption, the report processing can scale from small footprint embedded scenarios to large-scale gdnerate reporting scenarios. Can I embed Pentaho Reporting into my applications? Can I use Pentaho Reporting out-of-the-box?

Originally known as JFreeReport, it was designed to follow the approach of banded reporting with absolutely positioned elements. What types of users can use Genearte Reporting?