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Recipes for travel, either by foot or vehicle. | See more ideas about Camping foods, Backpacking food and Camping and Hiking. While you can always get a frying pan attachment, the JetBoil system excels at boiling water very quickly and efficiently. Some people say the. Just bought a Jetboil and have been looking around for recipies. What are some of Did you see this?

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May 17, Oddometer: First father-son camping trip Trailryder42Sep 21, Last but not least, the perforated lid with spout doubles as a strainer. Did you see this?

Your Jetboil or just add water recipies

The Wilds of Western Wisconsin. Thanks for taking the time to share this with everyone. Camping freeze dried meals that you eat right out of the pouch. Again, two packets is about right.

Boil bag in water till egg is cooked. Cook, stirring constantly, until warm. If not, just salt to taste and they’re still good. The FluxRing is already designed as a windscreen.

Your Jetboil or just add water recipies | Adventure Rider

The Best Hiking and Backpacking Gifts When I turned back, steam was coming out big time of the JetBoil. Still, rehydrating freeze-dried scramble eggs can seem like magic to many of us.

Dump out the water. Hi, Heard a recommendation for Backpackers Pantry as being one of the better rrecipes dried food producers. Thinking that I am going to get a cook pot or skillet for it soon. Dump your chicken into the JetBoil without draining it and heat till warm, stirring while the burner is on.


Outdoor activities with a healthy dose of curiosity, brought to you by Laure Latham. No thanksI’m already a subscriber. Two is a good hearty breakfast.

Think of all the things you can make with boiling water! For me, a standard road dinner would be: Drinking from the Stanley Cup! Distracted, I walked over to the edge of the cliff to watch seaweeds roll in and out with the waves. Feb 11, Oddometer: Free ADV gear for annual subscribers: When it gets to the find stage recipse the couscous is resting and absorbing the water, add in everything else on the top to heat it. I have food dehydrater and vaccum sealer but havent got brave enough to give my self food poisioning yet.

JetBoil Zip Review and Recipes (Camping Cooking System)

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. We love our JetBoil zip and use it more frequently that our MSR stove, so we keep experimenting with new recipes. Some people say the JetBoil is useless for jetboill outside of boiling water to make things like oatmeal, pasta, and couscous.

What are some of yours?

Laure is an author, environmental advocate, blogger, open water swimmer and now mother. And luckily, someone in the group will usually have some butter to share.


We carry your favorite brands: The only way to know was to go on a backpacking trip. On milder mornings, the instant grits in the individual packets are great. Every year, people die from inhaling carbon monoxide. Ready in minutes. With a little planning and experimentation, you could make almost anything with a JetBoil. Jan 5, Oddometer: Along the same lines, never use your JetBoil Zip to generate heat inside the tent.

HowlingMadSep 22, For most people, rehydrating dry food for jteboil backpacking trips is more than enough. San Diego, not Mex, but I can smell it from here. Add the appropriate amount of water for the mashed potatoes and heat. Inspiration for outdoors ideas, family fun, travel destinations You never know how fast water can reci;es.

I set our big camping stove in jetnoil spot sheltered from the wind, deployed the windscreen and opened the gas valve. I take a pack of these and mix in fresh ingredients purchased while on the road or prepped and ziplocked at home: DriveShaftSep 23, Ask me to write a book or an article, to speak at an event, to lead a workshop or to work together.