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JBL/UREI and Amps. I have never heard the above. Anyone have any experience with these amplifiers? If so what were your. Vintage JBL / UREI Electronics. Manuals · · · · · B Specifications. Power output: watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), W into 8Ω (mono). Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz. Total harmonic distortion:

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Also, wouldn’t you be forced to go mono with quad?

More over at this thread: They’re pretty heavy at about 70 lbs. He does urie feel the need to bridge it for mono mode 1xWatt 8 Ohms.

Vintage JBL-UREI Electronics

This message comes from JBL Dog. This message comes from JBL Dog. I don’t get hung up on amps. Last Jump to page: All times are GMT I will not advise the for home use.

This page was generated in 0. I suspect most would suggest bi amped with better amps? If so what were your impressions.

At the rate I am going it’ll be a year before they are urie boxes. Originally Posted by Titanium Dome. I still have a slight GL problems to this date.


Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. This experience has reinforced my conclusion that the quality of the speakers is far more important than the amp. There was a fuzziness to the sound, a low level distortion.

The fan is very noisy. Building a custom pair of ‘s and am shopping for new electronics. Cleaned fan and board. Should I go quad amped with 4 way electronic crossover or bi amped with combo electronic and passive using higher end amps?

JBL UREI 6290 1200w Stereo Power Amplifier

This is very high amplitude distortion, but it didn’t sound terrible, just jbp fuzzy. Thanks for the info guys, will let you know if I get them. When choosing your amps I tried to get amps I could stap easilly. These were for and second set of lines going to the speaker and connecting to the main speaker cable binding post or connectors.

About a year ago people started complaining about the sound in one of the production studios here at the radio station. My brother is using a on a pair of I not putting down any one for their like or dislike of any brand of urie.


What’s that Mike, Big is Good? The reason that we love JBL is because of their low distortion. DC offset on channel A was 0 and channel B it was 0.

From what I saw on the scope I though it should have sounded much worse ubl it did! What I saw on the scope 629 blew my mind!

Thinking of grabbing a couple of them. I have three of the ‘s and they are outstanding amplifiers, IMHO.

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Fan seems much quieter with a drop of oil. They are a conservatively rated amp with a conventional power supply, four rack spaces and hefty mbl 60 pounds or so. I like all of these because they are big, heavy, stable and overlooked by most people today.