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I never checked the specs on the until about a week ago and was According to JBL, the horns were mostly used as high mids for. JBL +. JBL , Tweeter/ Compression Driver from JBL. Write a user review ยท Product presentation. User reviews. Price engine. Classified Ads. I read a lot about JBL but nothing about the little brother. I sourced a very good pair for a reasonnable price. Any opinion welcome.

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I just pulled these out of a pair of HOME stereo speakers my brother has carted around for years.

If I jb, up with anything notable, I’ll report back. Since I dont really need the long throw so much anymore, I’m hoping that putting them in sealed kbl loaded boxes will get rid of the honk up front. According to JBL, the horns were mostly used as high mids for vocal reproduction.

The main advantage to the ‘s is that I’ve already got ’em. The street term is: Login or Sign Up.

I’ve got two pairs of EVMB’s in ported front loaded cabinets on the bottom, crossed at hz, so I dont really need the low frequency response of a driver like the About 20 years ago I moved the bass drivers out of scoops and into front loaded, ported cabinets, which made a huge improvement in the low end response, with only a minor loss of volume. JBL Pro for home use! All times are GMT I searched 261 all the comments I could find on this site about the and it seems like the majority of folks think the was a bit of a dog, although there are some nice wood horns that have copied the shape.


I sourced a very good pair for a reasonnable price. Now they have ‘s with Radian diaphragms, which handle a bit more power than the ‘s jhl their original diaphragm’s but sound very similar.

Yes, they are worth something, actually quite a bit to the right folks. I havent tweaked the crossover points in a long time, but my recollection is that 2.

I say stick with the but do a bit of damping on itthey do tend to ring somewhat. Everything is clean and kept in AC its entire life. Yes, list the parts package, offer the crossovers for free but note them as not a mbl JBL assembly. Too harsh up close. They have been in service as the high frequency drivers crossed ubl 2. The horns may be advertised as a bi-radial horn, they have the response characteristics closer to a CD horn, and take similar eq.

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Vintage JBL drivers – worth anything?

I do have a pair of horns that I had purchased with drivers to use over a pair of ‘s in reflex boxes. Also I havent been able to find any info on what is the natural roll off for the horns. I havent been able to find any plots of the horns with a full range driver. The nearfield lens may install over your horn, or may use a different flair, and this could depend on if there are the stepped perforated diffusers in your conical flair.

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Does anyone have experience with this? Sign In Sign Up. If you can find a pair that have original diaphragms and don’t have shifted magnets, they’re great. Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website.

Lots of great stuff and ideas Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. I tried that once, and only once It was replaced by the in the ‘s byt hung on for their own speaker lines a little longer. This is tweeter territory.

Vintage JBL drivers – worth anything? | Harmony Central

The weak link in the system sound fidelity has always been my mid packs – horn loaded PAS 10’s – which are good for filling up a big room, but sound kinda honky up close – so I’m getting ready to build some new mid-high cabinets with two front loaded 10’s on each side. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

They were originally installed on horns with throat adapters over 4 cabinets loaded with ‘s. The time now is Thanks for the advice. I might even angle the bottom drivers into the room a little bit to improve the sound near the stage.

In this scenario the mentioned will play great throughout the range and will not sound honky at all even in a conventional box.