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He is an integrated whole. I cannot be said to have despaired of waging the struggle of life. Such is the ancient doom of things. No less than Khyber, the war of faith and land, But warrior like Ali R. Silver glisters white and new, But blackens the hands and clothes.

Musa was effortlessly attracted to Tur How strong, O Zeal your attraction was! You draw the hearts to the Presence Divine, Ajuhar inspire them to bloom and blossom.


I have new experiences while the universe is decadent entire. Love, all Mustafa; Reason, all Abu Lahab. Are the Attributes of Taauhid separate from God, or do they form what He is? Lightning is permitted to Love, Harvest is forbidden.

Do not complain if bare feet bleed. It is a lamp that lights up our path. Though amiss this pilgrim be, Yet can burn on ire like rue.

Log In Sign Up. Perhaps some magic in thy air Has breathed into my song The buoyancy of youth. Fascinating, the accounts of his achievements! Hingga muncul ungkapan yang masyhur di kalangan ahli ilmu bahwa seseorang belum “sah” disebut Fuqaha Syafi’iyyah jika belum mempelajari kitab ttauhid. Iqbal has succeeded in doing so.


The same storm is raging today in the souls of Muslim, A Divine secret it is, Not for the lips to utter, Let us see what surfaces from the depths of the deep. Come humbly, a gleam to its own land unknown? I believe in the destiny of my Millat My Community! What is this movement, when you are in my lap?

tauhid to ye hai ki KHuda hashr mein kah de

No cause for anxiety then, if the spirit of imperialism be preserved: Mahmood the king and slave Ayaz, in line, as equals, stood arrayed, The lord was no more lord to slave: But pray tell me if it jaauhar by your permission That the angels bestow riches upon the worthless ones? Flowers cannot hide themselves in the season of Spring.

But for centuries, alas! Both heights and lowlands we traversed to spread Jauhsr message; O glad pain!

How it was decided? It is the only cure for folk who suffer from some chronic pain. To speak and write about him is not an easy task, but an inspiration needed to understand his poetry or poetical dimensions. Knows he to whom are revealed the ajuhar secrets of Time: To wonder at then there is naught that bold and dauntless you are not. Discerning eyes bleed in pain, For faith is ruined by knowledge in this age.

Dominant, creative, resourceful, consummate. Even winking is a sin What will our respect be if you will be restless here? Thou hast betrayed the secret of a fakir, Though a fakir has wealth more than a king of men. O Kalim of the pinnacle Sina of learning!

It is death for the nations to be cut of from the Centre; When khudi maintains this connection, becomes powerful as God. People recognise in him a thinker whose revaluation of Islamic thought has given the Muslim Community a new sense of purpose in life. In this once lay the quintessence of loveliness sublime. So much the better, the Believer himself is deprived of inner conviction. Iqbal appears to have been the only Muslim of our times who not only understood the implications of this problem, taubid who attempted a solution.


What was it that erased the tyranny of Caesar and Cyrus? An inspiration in the cosmic communion. Nothing may stay hidden for this universe is luminous.

Karenanya keluasan ilmu serta wawasannya tentang Aswaja tidak diragukan lagi.

Jauhar al-tauhid – Google Books

Nothing may stay hidden for this universe is luminous. Reason, once more, unfurled its sails. My plaint kindles the soul. Khudi Tauhidd Doob Ja Ghail! They came glad lovers, begging love; jauhsr future promise turned away: Diantara yang mereka rubah adalah Tafsir surat Al-Fathir ayat ke-7 tentang fitnah Khawarij. Di bagian akhir, sebagai pelengkap diulas pula berbagai masalah Fiqih kontemporer yang berkaitan dengan urusan wanita seperti hukum bekerja di luar rumah bagi wanita, hukum bayi tabung, serta potret undang-undang hukum tentang wanita di berbagai negara.

The grandeur of mine does not fall to your lot The poor animal cannot equal the great mountain! If Muslim faith offends the West!