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Here are a few passages I found interesting in Jason BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation. Overall I recommend it highly, especially for Christians but. by. Jason David BeDuhn. · Rating details · 75 ratings · 13 reviews. Written with the student and interested public in mind, Truth in Translation aims to explain. Jason BeDuhn knows that adding “other” to the text does not show that [ BeDuhn, “Truth in Translation” p] So what exactly are objectors to.

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Choosing precisely those passages where theology has most at stake might seem deliberately provocative and controversial. That is particularly true when the passage is bedugn in context, seeing how forcefully Paul describes Jesus as the creator of everything.

Many of these Christian communities contained Gentiles as well as Jews, and these Gentiles would be mystified by the peculiar practices around the name of God.

Why is that so?

Excerpts from BeDuhn’s Truth in Translation – Randall McElroy III

But he would be incorrect if Jesus is translstion. It cannot be said, therefore, that the New World Translation is less biased because it does not capitalize the word “spirit. In Discipline and Ritual Baltimore: As BeDuhn infers, an absence of the word [other] places Jesus outside of creation page According to this chapter, the processes of translation includes “Formal Equivalence,” “Dynamic Equivalence” and “Paraphrase.

But hyperbole cannot be assumed in all cases.


“Truth in Translation” by Jason DeBuhn FREE Download

This chapter gives a brief history of the New Testament as a written document and the composition of translation committees. Books by Jason David BeDuhn.

Personally, I disagree with some of the arguments that BeDuhn raises, mainly with regard to the main discrepancy among all Biblical translations: Hebrew translations of the Greek.

Yet I would argue that it is impossible trth him not to have theological biases. However, the author’s sentence must be taken in the greater context of the Appendix as a whole. In Jesus’ time, proskuneo meant to prostrate one’s self before another of higher rank or one who might grant a request.

We want to know what the author intended to say, how the culture and language of the day made the book what it is. However, it is not a new argument.

Aug 06, Ruach Hakodesh rated it it was amazing. BeDuhn then gives examples where proskuneo is used in the Gospels while pleading before man Matthew They simply could not translate many of the verses as “Lord” without verifying the deity of Jesus. Trivia About Truth in Translat But modern English is not King Ttuth English, and the range of the meaning for the word “worship” has narrowed considerably.

It is perfectly legitimate for those various interpretations to be made and maintained on the basis of a biblical text beduun does not preclude them. The translations he reviews say. The word baptidzo is transliterated baptize because that avoids the conundrum of translating it with its Greek meaning “to immerse.

Pee Tee rated translarion it was amazing Mar 23, So if the meaning of “the Word was a god,” or “the Word was a divine being” is that the Word belongs to the category of divine beings, then we could translate the phrase as “the Word was divine.


To complicate translation further, the word pneuma has a number of meanings. In his opinion, it is not a kason necessity but theological bias which kn the use of the present tense. In most cases, this may require the use of footnote explanations. I will quote two of the nine translations from Truth in Translation in their entirety. Bias can also be introduced when difficult Greek sentences are interpreted for the English reader or when English words are added which are not found in the Greek text.

He presents a powerful argument declaring the deity of Jesus.

“Truth in Translation” by Jason DeBuhn FREE Download

Nonetheless, the “J references” have been incorporated into the translation of the New World Translation Christian Greek Scriptures with that weight. This chapter is concerned with the way in which the Greek word pneuma spirit is translated into English in the New Testament.

That should be true even when it will remove the “bias” from our translations which makes it easier for us to understand our own point of view.