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Literature of Jain Philosophy and Agamas. Brief introduction Jain Agamas: One who establishes a ‘Tirtha’ is ‘Tirthankaras’. Tirtha also means first ‘Gandhara’. jEn; a;g;m;;e• • • • • • Sv;et;;]b;r m;Ut;I*p;Ujk – s;v;* m;;ny;. âå p;Uv;* an;e â a. Agamas are texts of Digambara Jainism based on the discourses of the tirthankara. . Translations into modern languages such as English, Hindi and Gujarati.

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Ethics Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana.

Jain Agamas (Digambara)

These are believed by Jains to have originated from Rishabhanathathe first tirthankara who lived millions of years ago. The Jain Literature The realm of the Jain literature is so vast and profound that even to give an ordinary and brief introduction to it, it will be necessary to write a huge volume.

During this time the knowledge of the doctrine was getting lost. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Agamas are texts of Jainism based on the discourses of the tirthankara. A description of the Jain geography. A representative Jain work. Gujarari from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please have a glimpse of the Tatavartha Sutra. This gujaraati about years after the nirvana of Mahavira. Views Read Edit View history.


Aga, description of islands, seas, mountains, men, earth, etc. Chapter Sutra Contents 1 35 The path of salvation; a discussion of theories; Nikshep; knowledge, Naya etc. The knowledge of Shruta-Jnanamay zgam of things which are contained in the Angas Limbs or sacred Jain books or of things outside the Angas. Sacred Books of the East vol. Jainp. These are believed to have originated from Rishabhanathathe first tirthankara. This grantha divided into 10 chapters contains about aphorisms.

Jain texts Indian poetics Religious poetry. Edited by Ian Whicher and David Carpenter. These works comprise a lot of information about the principles of conduct and observance, the method of living, and the way of life in this world.

Jain Agamas – Wikipedia

The Purvas or the ancient texts were already forgotten and lost gujarai the famine. Mainly, there are forty five Jain Agamas philosophical works which are regarded as the most ancient and authoritative works, Not only the entire Jain Agam literature but the whole of the Jain literature has been classified into the four categories mentioned below.

Ethics of Jainism Sallekhana. Time, Anu and Paramanu the atoms and minute atoms and Pudgals and the science of substances. In or CE that the Vallabhi council of the Svetambara Jain monks recompiled the Agamas and recorded them as written manuscripts under the leadership of Acharya Shraman Devardhigani along with other Jain scholars.


The Jain literature includes both religious texts and books on generally secular topics such as sciences, history, and grammar. This page was last edited on 11 Julyat Part of a series on. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Encyclopedia of Jainism Edited by Nagendra Kr.

Digambaras group texts into four literary categories called ‘exposition’ anuyoga. The earliest versions of Jain Agamas known were written in Ardhamagadhi Prakrit language. Jainp. Buddhism Hinduism Islam Sikhism Non-creationism. However, with time, it became difficult to keep the entire Jain literature committed to memory.

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