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: Propagandes () by Jacques Ellul and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great. Introduction. Jacque* EJluTs view of propaganda and his approach to the study Therefore. Ellul distinguishes various fonrts of propaganda and calls his book. 13 quotes from Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes: ‘To the extent that propaganda is based on current news, it cannot permit time for thought o.

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This propaganda reinforces the individual’s way of life and represents this way of life as best. Please help improve it by propaganees it in an encyclopedic style.

Propaganda Quotes

Propaganda is called upon to solve problems created by technology, to play on maladjustments, and to integrate the individual into a technological world. The Formation of Men’s Attitudes builds on prior notions of propaganda to demonstrate that while propaganda is psychological in nature it is just as much sociological in nature as well. The main task of propaganda is to utilize the conditioned symbols as transmitters of that culture to serve its purpose.

It is strictly a sociological phenomenon, in the sense that it has its roots and reasons in the need of the group that will sustain it. In fact, no propaganda can work until the moment when a set of facts has become a problem in the eyes of those who propaganeds public opinion.

When it arrived, Merton eagerly dove into the text.

This book appears to lropagandes the first attempt to study propaganda from a sociological approach as well as a psychological one. Once it becomes history it inevitably becomes neutral and indifferent to the individual who is sensitive primarily to current news.

Without it, the masses would not cling to a certain civilization, or its process of development and crisis. The Propagances Economy of the Mass Media. He reacts, but he does not understand them any more than he takes responsibility for them. What makes it news is its dissemination, not its objective reality. All of his writings reflect his search for a spiritual orientation that seeks reality and meaning amidst a disorienting century.

Propaganda Quotes by Jacques Ellul

Doubleday, The themes and objectives of this type of propaganda are of a political nature. It is crucial that the individual is never considered as an individual but always in terms of what he has in common with others.


The individual does not mind being given preconceived positions because otherwise he would realize that he does not understand the problems of the modern world. This was also describe earlier as the “mass-government” relationship.

This creates isolation between groups by promoting allegiance to the group one is in and suppressing conversation between groups. But to talk about critical faculties and discernment is to talk about something far above primary education and to consider a very small minority. Conversely, the individual should not be viewed as alone as a listener, watcher, or reader propagahdes the individual is nevertheless part of an invisible crowd though he is actually alone.

Yet the people are incapable of making long term policy so opinion must be created to follow the government because the propagandez cannot be led by opinion.

Lastly, this part discusses propaganda and truth or the ability of propaganda to relay something as true based not on the accuracy of facts but of reality. Propaganda is designed to be continuous within the individual’s life by filling the citizen’s entire day.

The next part that the book discusses is psychological warfare. The need of an average standard of living is that people must be able to afford to buy a radio, TV, a newspaper, or go to the movies. Propagande they lose their value as immediacy passes as old facts are replaced by new ones. When he is fully integrated in the social group and can no longer distinguish between himself and society than he has reached total alienation.

In an eight-page section that explores the nature of propaganda, Merton explicitly referenced Ellul and also directly quoted him: He is even less capable of spotting any inconsistency between successive facts; man’s elull to forget is unlimited.

Such a man never stops to investigate any one point, any more than he will tie together a series of news events. If the propagandist attacks the network at one point, all myths react to the attack.

Propxgandes second major element that a propagandist must understand is the environment in which the individual operates, mainly the focus on the interest of the public. It seeks to push the individual into the propaganded until his will fades entirely into that of the mass. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The myth expresses the deep inclinations of a society. The propagandist must know the current tendencies and the stereotypes among the public he is trying to reach.


These interactions deepened their awareness of how techniqueas explained by Ellul, permeated modern human interaction. Incidentally, there are also the undecided, people whose opinions are vague, who form the majority of citizens within the collective.

While propaganda cannot create something out of nothing, it does have the ability to build on the foundation already established. These two needs compliment and correspond to each other in the development of propaganda. Propaganda aims to capture both the mass and the individual at the same time through this dual type of society.

Information is indistinguishable from propaganda in that information is an essential element of propaganda because for propaganda to succeed it must have reference to political or economic reality. We already have mentioned man’s ellul to consider several facts or events simultaneously and to make a synthesis of popagandes in order to face or to oppose them. Propaganda is forced to build on those presuppositions and to express these myths, for without them nobody would listen to it.

Well-organized propaganda is able to work with different elements that exist within a nation such as religion, political parties, and labor groups.

Democratic regimes develop propaganda in line with its myths and prejudices. However, the official leaders cannot disconnect themselves from what the people want.

Propaganda: The Formation of Men’s Attitudes – Wikipedia

But they cannot be trained by propaganda, kept in hand, channeled, and oriented. It is believed to be a peace policy that is used between nations as a form of aggression. Want to Read saving…. As mentioned at the outset, after reading The Technological SocietyMerton also engaged two other works jacqurs Ellul.

However, as discussed in early chapters Ellul described the masses are incapable of making long-term foreign policy and the government needs to make these decisions in a timely manner. Under these conditions there can be no thought. Wikipedia articles with style issues from January All articles with style issues Pages to import images to Wikidata Articles containing French-language text.