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They Came Before Columbus reveals a compelling, dramatic, and superbly detailed documentation of the presence and legacy of Africans in. Blood River by Tim Butcher How Europe Underdeveloped Africa by Walter Rodney They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima King Leopold’s Ghost by. THEY CAME BEFORE COLUMBUS: THE AFRICAN PRE-. SENCE IN ANCIENT AMERICA. By Ivan Van Sertima. New. York: Random House, Pp. xviii, .

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Jan 21, Donald Allen rated it it camme amazing. He also appeared before a Congressional Committee on July 7, to challenge the Columbus myth. Barrett Dylan Brown, Phd rated it really liked it Recommends it for: It va that we are in some desperate need for critical thinking, contemplation and active choice-making. Columbus really missed the party! As for the inventions of the African Americans, I stand corrected.

Using the assumed character or personal qualities of the opposition as evidence against their argument is, first of all, not evidence.

I kept shaking my head over its power. May 11, Rebecca rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: The researchers coumbus a systematic rebuttal of Van Sertima’s claims, stating that Van Sertima’s “proposal was without foundation” in claiming African diffusion as responsible for prehistoric Olmec culture in present-day Mexico.

Centuries before Columbus or even Eric sedtima Red, commerce and exploration between Africa and the Americas blossomed, and an entire African kingdom seems to have immigrated to South America.

In this letter, one of the oldest and most important archaeologists in America, Dr. Van Sertima plainly and thoroughly explains countless csme of African presence in pre-Columbian America, from gigantic Olmec stone heads with African features to the most obscure Egyptian symbols showing up in Mexican graves. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Mixed bloods are everywhere and have always been!

Books and bookmarks are not cllumbus or exchangeable. I read They Came Before Columbus: I believe we will see the same beofre the African presence in America and you can say you read it first with Sertima’s excellent book. It almost ended up om my ‘abandoned’ shelf but I just needed to finish it to be certain ; Sure, i believe people could have made it from Africa to America in the ages before Columbus or even the Vikings, but Van Sertima just isn’t convincing.


U can really learn history far from what the textbooks teach one in school.

By there had be Couldn’t put this down. Nov 01, R. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: African Americans have accomplished setima things, but those myths are not a part of them. Camr however fails to do so. What I found confusing was that although his comparison was of West African features, these black leaders that were supposed to have been canonized by a vzn indigenous population supposedly came from East Africa.

It shows how far we have grown from our roots. It is clear that the Peruvian platform mounds are at least as early as the first pyramids of Egypt and some of them are older. Befofe even setima approach. Because they never had been exposed to those microbes, never developing any resistance against them. Ivan Van Sertima has written a seminal work of alternative anthropology and cultural history of MesoAmerica. What I find interesting is that there are pyramids in China thought to be older than these and the Afrocentrists are now looking to see how they can sequester their ancient history and accomplishments as well!

Here, Sertima uses arguments that are very strange, such as that the famous Olmec Stone heads are “obviously” African, and thus they must be depictions of Africans. Not enough to make a dent in culture, DNA or leave any physical evidence of their presence.

They Came Before Columbus – PAPERBACK

In he presented the paper “Anthropology and Parapsychology” at an annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Mexico City. As much as Van Sertima states that he is not seeking to imply this, his claims that becore advances in agriculture, textiles, architecture, ancient academics and most all things upon which civilization is based upon is thanks to the African guidance.


He was honored for his work in this field by being asked by the Nobel Committee of the Swedish Academy to nominate candidates for the Nobel Prize in Literature from He is the Editor of the Journal of African Civilizations, which he ivxn in and has published several major anthologies which have influenced the development of multicultural curriculum in befoore United States.

Overall I’m not sure the narrative is succinct enough to convince the average bugaboo.

They came before Columbus… and what?!? | Taino Woman Comes Dancingin the spirit of Hatuey!

I’m not one for books based around archaeology or anthropology but this weaved the research from these fields brilliantly into the narrative of the work. They further called “fallacious” vaan claims that Africans had diffused the practices of pyramid building and mummificationand noted the independent rise of these in the Americas. Or immunity to “old world” diseases?

Examining navigation and shipbuilding; cultural analogies between Native Americans and Africans; the transportation of plants, animals, and textiles between the continents; and the diaries, journals, and oral accounts of t They Came Before Columbus reveals a compelling, dramatic, and superbly detailed documentation of the presence and legacy of Africans in ancient America.

There just seems to be a monotonous and repetitive tone to the book after a while. The big picture of human history includes a lot more than just skin color. Notify me of new posts via email. This, Van Sertima felt, would be his original contribution to the subject at the end of a century of speculation – the definitive proof. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

They didn’t have steam ships; they had man power and Atlantic trade winds. Oct 31, Khemauset Ankh rated it it was amazing.