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Padding. All upholstered furniture is handmade, a sign of craftsmanship and high quality. The bases of the seats made with springs and elastic straps. Followers, Following, Posts – See Instagram photos and videos from Figli Di Isacco Agostoni (@isaccoagostoni). From our Contemporary Collection of furnishing accessories, we point out a perfect furniture for a lounge bar, among which the bar counter stands out.

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The Agostoni Company boasts far reaching origins. Leather chairs, Modern bedrooms, Modern beds, Modern bookcases, wood, Modern chairs, wood, Modern dining rooms, Modern dining tables, Modern furniture, Modern hall furniture, Modern living room tables, Modern living rooms, Modern sofas and armchairs, Walk-in robes.

Beyond the design and production of unique pieces for living areas, we have developed more complete solutions that isxcco and personalize important private and representative spaces.

But there is more.


Today, Figli di Isacco Agostoni is synonymous with uniqueness, solidity and great versatility. A iisacco range of solutions for day and night, offices and a variety of upholstered furniture.


Infollowing a fire that destroyed the factory in Cabiate, isacc company moved to Barlassina, to a 15, square meter area; such a decisive expansion marked a re-launch in new international markets.

The use of ancient techniques, supported by original machinery, and the use of precious materials expertly worked by expert hands, characterize and differentiate the company from other production companies, often characterized by mass production.

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ISACCO AGOSTONI 3d models | 3Distributor

Figli di Isacco Agostoni srl Via G. The Agostoni Company has ancient origins, founded in by the father of Isacco Agostoni, whose name it still retains, it has established itself over the years through passion, tenacity and the capacity for continuous renewal; characteristics that have brought it to the well-established levels of excellence and that have made its brand synonymous with prestige in Italy and in the world, where it represents and proudly exports Made in Italy.

The contemporary collection offers a wide range of products that reinterpret the furnishing theme in a contemporary way. In recent years, Sons of Agoostoni Agostoni, following its natural vocation, has developed the Contract division, thus responding to a need of the market in the supply of personalized furnishings.

Padding – Isacco Agostoni

The history of the company Figli di Isacco Agostoni places it as an authoritative and absolute reference point for Italian isacco in furniture design and manufacture. Prestigious projects, exclusive and fascinating creations, create unique environments, where luxury is declined in a familiar warmth and becomes emotion; where every detail, involving all the senses, is oriented to the well-being of those who look and live the environment.


The exhibitor was successfully added to Plan your visit in MYSalone. In the last few years, Figli di Isacco Agostoniin keeping with its natural vocation, has developed the Contract divisionmeeting the growing demand for customized furniture from the market.

In the last few years the company has grown thanks to iascco and careful market analysis, reaching a position of excellence, constantly moving forward and evolving, and becoming synonymous with distinctiveness, solidity and great versatility. The family business has been through considerable adversities, continuing to renew itself even during the dark and painful years of the First and Second World Wars; this was made possible also thanks to the master craftsmen, true source of pride of the agosttoni, that were able to pass on precious knowledge and skill.