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Items 1 – 21 of 21 IRE is a collection of peer-reviewed International Journals published by Praise International Review on Computers and Software (IRECOS). Home > Products > Journal and Reviews > S. > Latest issue. International Review on. Computers and Software (IRECOS) December ( Vol. 8 N. 12). IRECOS, the International Review on Computers and Software, was indeed discontinued by Scopus in due to “publication concerns”.

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The TDMA scheme has been implemented using an adaptive timeslot assignment mechanism. The analysis from the experimentations showed that the proposed approach has obtained a maximum precision of 0. Subscription Login to verify subscription Give a gift subscription. Future directions of this review are to develop the P2P botnets detection system that has capability in high detection accuracy and efficiency.

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The system consists of three stages. Many techniques have been proposed to mine the frequent rules from the database, but it consider only the frequency value to decide whether the extracted rule is frequent are not.

The authors published in this journal are responsible for the human subject data that figures in the research reported here. The estimation of link cost considers the transmission power and receiving power. When the source want to send some data to destination, it verifies the above said parameters and then decides to send the shrink packet.

Some of the factors should be considered such as stationary and non stationary background, deal with unconstrained environments, various object motion patterns and the dissimilarity in types of object being detected and tracked. Abstracting and Indexing Information. Author Guidelines Corresponding Author Please, report clearly who is responsible for correspondence at all stages of refereeing and publication, including post-publication.

Distributed computing in complex embedded systems gain complexity, when these systems are equipped with many microcontrollers which oversee diverse Electronic Control Units ECU connecting hundreds or thousands of analogue and digital sensors and actuators.

International Collaboration accounts for the articles that have been produced by researchers from several countries.


The signature of each email has large dimensions.

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Instructions for the Five-step submission process: Integrating the biometric irecks increases the robustness of the person identification and reduces fraudulent access. The two main techniques such as encryption and decryption are involved above. Please see RTI’s privacy policy and cookie policy if you have questions about any information collected during the sign-up process.

Praise Worthy Prize Homepage. Computer Science Computer Science miscellaneous. Thematic areas include, but are not limited to: If these two challenges are solved, the performance and its applicability will be improved significantly. Normally, this search with approximate matching criteria requires sequential lookup for the whole collection of the attribute vector. This work presents generation of representative signatures of Tamil emails using lexical and syntactic based methods.

The proposed technique is jourmal in the MATLAB platform and its performance is evaluated using rainfall database. Abstract – Learning objects retrieval is important for a variety of information needs and applications such as collection management, summary and analysis.

It includes information that makes communication possible for the editorial process; it is used to informs readers about the authorship and editing of content; it enables collecting aggregated data on readership behaviors, as well as tracking geopolitical and social elements of scholarly communication.

Here, for the security purpose, we introduce the three games and we proved the attackers fail to find the security attributes of our proposed signcryption algorithm. In this situation, the need for an integrated know-how, know-why and know-what to journla the representation, capture, share, and reuse of knowledge among distributed professional actors becomes more critical.

The searching operation consists of finding a subset of this bit-attribute vector that is within particular Hamming distance. Starting the Submission You will ask to indicate that the submission is ready to be considered by the journal by checking off 5 items regarding ethical requirements for the authors such as originality and exclusiveness of the submission, acknowledgment of authorship and sources, absence of plagiarism and conflict of interest.


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DOC by using our online manuscript submission system. A method that has been recently developed uses local histogram and image statistics. Here, query will be matched with the annotated object using matching score that will be devised newly and it will be applied for learning object retrieval. Uploading the Submission To upload a manuscript to this journal, complete the following steps: Author Fees This irrecos charges the following irecoss fees: Cloud computing enables the addition of colored displays to full-blown Web browsers.

International Review on Computers and Software

In the second stage, feature extraction is performed where a total of 18 feature where extracted. Furthermore, the verification elaboration comprises of capture devices, pre-processing, feature extraction and classification methods. We present a distributed framework that guarantees maximum throughput. The adaptive shrinking mechanism involves sending a shrink packet along with the data packets, based on the parameters link quality, traffic rate and link change rate.

For nearly past two decades a number of software clone detection techniques and clone management techniques have been proposed in the software clone jokrnal. The PE technique shows its higher performance at the level of resolution and deleting any interference-terms over other non-parametric time-frequency techniques given in the scientific literature. Read the complete Terms prior to use. Some processes add embedded cloud warnings to investigate how data are stored on a local or intermediary system.

Special Issue on Reconfigurable Computing, Vol. By purchasing a copy of the jounal, only a part of the publication costs is covered. The performance done in this paper will be helpful in choosing an optimal protocol based on these schemes for deployment of a network as well as for developing a new medium access protocol. It specifies an API designed for enabling real-time data distribution and is well suited for such complex distributed systems and QoS-enabled applications.