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I have the great fortune to sit at the feet of an illumined soul: Elisabeth Haich is my . A Michelangelo, a Leonardo da Vinci, a Giordano Bruno, a Shakespeare. Elisabeth Haich – Yoga si sanatatea – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or view YOGA SAPTAMANA DE SAPTAMANA Alte cdrti de Elisabeth Haich INITIEREA. Buna ziua, Va rog sa imi spuneti daca Cod: Initiere initierea elisabeth haich Utilizare a Sistemului de Calcul. Transport Gratuit peste 50 de lei.

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I will tell you how I experienced my initiation!

But there was no more time for me to make further observations about the garden and the flowers, because suddenly something fearful happened: Something was not as it halch be. One evening when we were about to go to bed, mother scolded me for coming in so late from the garden and for not wanting to go to bed.

I lay there alone with my thoughts, and went on wondering for a long time. Mother embraces me and asks, ‘The dream again They rang and rang. I did not kneel because I felt no til-sire to do so.


I was enthusiastic about the magnificent view, and so was my sister. Have you ever seen an “I”?

This time I didn’t even have to share it with Grete! Grete knelt and prayed too.

I went back to the children’s room where I found Grete looking down to avoid meeting my glance But this time I had to give them up and go to bed.


There I found a set of volumes which caused me to begin reading even more avidly than I had before. Sophie acted as if nothing had happened, not even bothering to tell anybody what a horrible being had held her in its arms only a few minutes earlier.

Buna ziua, Va rog sa imi spuneti daca Cod: After spending quite a time reading some of the most fantastic things I fired some questions at mother.

Mother was particularly initieerea by this and that made me sad. Nevertheless she radiated a wonderful love, and a little later, as I lay in my bed, with my hand resting on a pillow, I was happy that her fine sweet face leaned over me from time to time and smiled down at me encouragingly. They made such a profound impression upon me that I just could not stop reading.

She often told me about her many travels in foreign countries, and numerous times she took me with her to the National Museum. How does he know that? This Pin was discovered by Ileana Damean.

I was aghast as I watched the fearful struggle my brother was making for his life and mother was making to save her only son. He kissed us and mother and went away. They were not able to stop the pain that was torturing me more and more; nor were they able to fix my hand the way it was before. Through the experience of each lecture our souls thirsting for truth were enriched to an undreamed of extent. His wish is now to eliwabeth and reach that source from which the stream of manifestations flows.


We supplement each other completely! Mother and a few other women remained behind with us children, and the woman kept repeating the same words: Where did I come from?

Elisabeth Haich INITIATION included audiobook mp3

Pentru a putea comanda rapid este nevoie sa introduceti numarul dvs de telefon in formatul 0xxxxxxxxx 10 cifre. On another occasion he made me a little initiere out of dried prunes and toothpicks, and once he brought me a tin box full of beautiful colours and a brush. She radiated sweetness and warmth, and as long as she was near I did not feel alone or abandoned.

When mother noticed it for the first time, she did not know what was wrong with me. Then I saw in daylight that he was a friendly adult who spoke cheerfully with father. What kind of experiences did you have that caused you to grow into your present condition of consciousness? I did not answer. It is not possible for life on earth to be so senseless! Very often while listening to her lectures among a group of other persons, I felt a number of questions arising within me.