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A sandwich shop we frequented called its largest offering a whale.

The Germanic sound of “schlunker” may have prompted this definition. Fall from face — fall from grace. The TMRC freshman folly was a construction project set aside for new members.

It uses a gyroscope to remain upright. At the time of this dictionary, of these three definitions the club was known to have only the first, a line on the MIT dormitory phone system. Political puns, of course, on railroading and machine. Since the time of the first edition, this block was built. A diode conducts electricity in one direction; a friode, in both directions or none. A foo counter could simply have randomly flashing lights, or could be a real counter with an obscure input.

This definition was included for its internal rhyme. A nonce term for a place, such as an unused classroom, to study in. The sense is of detritus, that which needs to be swept up and thrown out. A contorted way to refer to a “vile pile. The definition works on the engineering sense of a black box, whose internal workings are unknown and which can be described only by observing the relation between its inputs and outputs.


There was no specific suggestion of malicious intent or of benevolence, either. Great Dome and swamps us with electrical goodies. There were always many club projects in need of work. There is always something to go wrong. The authoritarian side of the S-Board operator. Known to later generations as the foo switch, it stopped all trains at once.


Always worth the purchase price. Lord, I am not worthy. This was the industrial switching area of the layout, which was something of a stress test for rolling stock.

When things go wrong, they do so in the manner. Beethoven’s 9th Symphony also communicates, in a way.

Introduccion Al Estudio de La Mecanica (English, Spanish, Paperback)

A railroading metaphor for misunderstanding one’s position in life. The usual use of the term “acquisition” was the first of these, for an engineer to initially get control of his train or someone else’s, by mistake or mischief.

Acquisition C, D, etc. Overrunning one’s advance was a way iingard losing control of the train altogether.

Obituary: William L. Kraushaar,

The helpful side of the Dispatcher. Is to be conserved. Referring to a club member of the time. This edition’s “indescribable” entry, about a remarkable new club member. The meaning at MIT was to study hard, or a very diligent student also called a grind.

An exaggeration, though the System made running trains much easier. It ran under both land and water features of the layout, but had not yet been connected electrically.


The term was also a disdainful epithet, popularized in a novelty song of the s by The Old Philosopher: I think someone at the club carelessly wrote a 3 that looked like an 8, giving me another variant to document.

The term was used without ethnic implications. If a machine does it, can it be called thinking?

Is that a typo for “annually? Here is a link to the first edition with comments. The gag here is to define the obvious word in terms of the more obscure.

Club members drank lots of Coca-Cola. In a closed system, entropy a measure of disorder must increase. The hack is the basic concept; the hacker is defined in terms of it. One more named storage area. A mathematical description of a portmanteau word. Dialing 9 on certain MIT extensions would connect to the outside world called the 9th level by some telephone hobbyists.

Goose — geese; caboose — cabeese.

William L. Kraushaar – Publications

Sometimes said humorously instead of HOn3, below. A pithy but unsound definition of a mathematical term. MITCo was the trolley line known in the jargon as electric traction on the club layout. Rubbage is a rare term for rubbish, but I had heard it used growing up in New England.

Has a buzzer which sounds like.