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The gem In Praise of Shadows (public library) by Japanese literary titan Tanizaki, translated here by Thomas J. Harper and Edward G. Buy In Praise Of Shadows (Vintage Classics) New Ed by Junichiro Tanizaki ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . In Praise of Shadows [Junichiro Tanizaki] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An essay on aesthetics by the Japanese novelist, this book.

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Oct 06, Aubrey rated it liked it Shelves: For me, the Japanese aesthetic restores the balance.

View all 3 comments. He likes rural things, shadowy things, dirty things. Sound is good, but too much of it is deafening. Sometimes, Tanizaki’s melancholic essay surprisingly shows us, radical change begins by going backwards. View all 21 praiae.

In Praise of Shadows – Wikipedia

A universe in your thoughts. Dispatched from the UK if 1 business day When will my order arrive? This is Tanizaki’s elegy for the aesthetic superiority of vanishing inconvenience and grime. Tanizaki tells a story of when her late husband decided, as he frequently did, to build a new house.

The silhouette of the Noh mask resting on the curious neck of the stage actor performing the play brings an outwardly mystery to the person behind the mask. View all 8 comments. ni


I’d recommend this to those who are super serious about Japanese literature. Nov 13, the gift rated it it was amazing Shelves: From Wikipedia, pgaise free encyclopedia.

Contrasting shadowx as different as toilet plumbing, domestic architecture, cosmetics, theater and drama, lacquer ware and gold ware, and interior illumination, he builds an argument for attentiveness, quietness, and the valuing of tradition and continuity even in the face of radical impermanence.

He despairs that the Japanese aesthetic is dying because the old way of life is passing away. La parte de los retretes es bastante chistoso. Mar 26, Zadignose rated it it was ok Shelves: English translation, Leete’s Island Books In his delightful essay on Japanese taste Junichiro Tanizaki selects for praise all things delicate and nuanced, everything softened by shadows and the patina of age, anything understated and natural – as for example the patterns of grain in old wood, the sound of rain dripping from eaves and leaves, or washing over the footing of a stone lantern in a garden, and refreshing the txnizaki that grows about it – and by doing so he suggests an attitude of appreciation and mindfulness, especially mindfulness of beauty, as central to life lived well.

Tanizaki lived in the cosmopolitan Tokyo area until the earthquake ofwhen he moved to the gentler and more cultivated Kyoto-Osaka region, the scene of The Makioka Sisters. View all 36 comments.

The simplicity of traditional Japanese decor appeals to me: Visit our Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more. Technically I started Naomi in December ofbut the majority of mulling it over happened firmly in ’17, so the fact that I was able to bounce back so quickly is worthy of note, even if the half-star rating in this case happened to tip backwards rather than forwards.


In Praise of Shadows

Art these days, total crap. Bonus star for br Sort of a Japanese Grandpa Simpson. A toilet is indeed the most important element of an architectural mores. Technically I started Naomi in December ofbut the majority of mulling it over happened firmly in ’17, so the fact that I was able to bounce back so quickly 3.

Said every generation ever. Jul 21, Praj rated it really liked it Shelves: Much od than the author’s novels, this book is a small meditative work of 73 pages, of which 59 are the essay itself. But he makes an even stronger point, a superb, thrilling point: The sound of the rain playing gently with the dusky light off a candle.

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