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Alma Katsu (born ) is an American writer of adult fiction. Her best-known work is The Taker, a literary novel with historical and fantasy elements that was. The Hunger. Alma Katsu. ‘Deeply, deeply disturbing’ STEPHEN KING After having travelled west for weeks, the party of pioneers comes to a crossroads. Alma Katsu love to elevate and sustain, but also to blind and ultimately destroy, The Taker is an immortal love story on an epic scale.

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I don’t like being all negative about immorhal book. Well he questions a bit, but not nearly enough. A series of unfortunate events, thanks to Adair leaves Lanny near death.

The skill with which Katsu weaves immortql and out of three different time frames — present day, s, s — is nothing short of breathtaking. I could have gone without reading this book easily.

One night a young woman is brought it. What passes for love is just deep infatuation and I never really believed in it. Can you stop loving someone?

The Taker (The Taker, #1) by Alma Katsu

They form a close friendship, but as the years pass Lanny longs for more. Both karsu a story that is being told after the fact; a recounting of events to another character in the story. Its looks really pretty in the picture. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat I rarely read historical fiction, and I certainly didn’t lama fantasy other than an odd paranormal romance—vampires, of course. One would think that after immortao of years, a person would develop some sort of personality.


I mean dang woman grow a set of balls. Also, the matter-of-factness with her delivery does drive the point home that, back in the s or beforewomen really were treated like sexual slaves half the time. A spellbinding debut by Alma Katsu, but not without its flaws.

The story opens in present day Maine, in the small town of St. In a way, the storytelling in The Taker reminds me quite immprtal bit of Frankenstein. It would be socially inappropriate.

Was it a gothic mystery? So The Taker was a really difficult novel.

The most beautiful man on the planet because everyone on the planet in this book’s universe shared the same standards of beauty, apparently. The question then becomes We—or maybe it was just I—bandaged our needs with what we declared was love. One part – near the end – when something very immrotal has happened, the heroine is so flat emotionally, I wanted to throw the book down.


Alma Katsu

It was during the escape that she tells her story to Luke: She looks barely legal and is accused of murdering a man in the woods. She was charming, enigmatic and had the gift of persuasion.

Let’s end the story in two pages” and left me really unsatisfied. It is severely tragic, but hopeful.

Of course, things were different in that era. I think that’s what the real issue is for me – no feeling – or not enough.

Alma Katsu – Wikipedia

Return to Book Page. It is this particular part of the storyline that is the apex of the story. The chapters from Lennore’s POV took place in the ‘s when she was a kid.

With no other choice, Lanny is banished to a convent in Boston to give birth, where she will have to give up her child. This book is cleverly constructed and has a few stories within a story, it’s very well written – compelling characters, and intricately detailed.

There was only loneliness and misery, sorrow and pain.