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Imię wiatru. Front Cover. Patrick Rothfuss. Dom Wydawniczy QR code for Imię wiatru. Title, Imię wiatru. Volume 1 of Author, Patrick Rothfuss. Translated by. Imię wiatru Books by Patrick Rothfuss. Kvothe to czowiek legenda. Wielki mag, geniusz muzyki, bohater i zoczyca – namwiony przez Kronikarza – wspomina swe . Imi? Wiatru by Patrick Rothfuss Jan Kar?owski. Read and Download Online Unlimited eBooks, dzieci stwa sp dzonego w Imi wiatru Patrick Rothfuss PDF Free.

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It’s complicated enough to not be trite, but one basic premise is the connection between things, the sympathy wiayru have with each other – if you broke a branch in two, the two halves would still have a connection, like sharing the exact same DNA, and so if you control one half you affect the other half.

The book is also “told” by Kvothe.

That so many people do seem to see the comparisons just makes me shake my head in wonder – because either they’re seeing things that aren’t there, or I’m very myopic when it comes to my beloved Harry Potter. Sometime in the s, fantasy’s center of gravity shifted.

Czas pogardy (Saga o Wiedźminie, #4) by Andrzej Sapkowski (5 star ratings)

Shall we start the Next wiattu Sell one like this. Open Preview See a Problem? So compelling and lovely!!! First, Bast is described as “sharp and delicate, almost beautiful, with striking blue eyes.


The book begins in the third-person, then as Kvothe tells his life story it switches to first-person, then back to third-person for occasional interludes. A pointless poem only serves to clutter the prose.

Has Goodreads screwed up the order of the series? Rothfuss probably planned the story arc over the span of presumably three books, and broke up the story at what seemed like appropriate points. The book even touches on wiattu and how it’s impossible to describe some things.

Wrong name 2 18 Apr 25, Not to mention Sapkowski’s wondrous handling of dialogue. I saw for myself.

He has a wisecracking sidekick! Marea mea dilema a fost de la inceput: An instrument is like a companion and a lover.

Czas pogardy

This little girl is scared and alone, about to be raped by this dude. Patrick Rothfuss Iminiaus baim.

I just want her to fall in love with some awesome character, male or female. Geralt si Yennefer incerc din greu sa o protejeze pe micuta Cirri. Jul 23, Oana D. It’s one of the best and it’s on my favorites list now It just seems like he was setting up The Rats to be characters in the next one, which I’m up for.


The Time of Contempt

I am totally in love with Kvothe The Bloodless! Da,a facut tot posibilul sa o ajute pe ea si pe Geralt. Recunosc ca nu mi-a placut felul in care se purta cu Cirri,chit ca era necesar. Give me that please! Imo would be easier for me just to call this book blue fantastic and move on.

Kroniki Królobójcy T.1 Imię wiatru – Patrick Rothfuss | eBay

Open Preview See a Problem? Martin would write, but they’re not as basic as “these two countries are at war, here’s a story about some characters who are involved”.

There were just some great character building moments in that chapter, and it reminded me a little bit of some of the short stories in the anthologies, with there being ptarick and all. Personally I think Drizzt would have won just because he is over infinite times better of character than Kvothe ever will ever be. Rothfuss so much that I knew I had to read his book immediately and, to know surprise, it completely enthralled me.