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IEC Impulse tests on cables and their accessories. 1. Related Test Report Forms. No publication found. Withdrawn/Replaced. IEC The voltages pertaining to the system on which cables and accessories are to be used are given in IEC or in the relevant product standard. Buy IEC Ed. Impulse tests on cables and their accessories from SAI Global.

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The shape and dimensions of appliance inlets and connectors are coordinated so that a connector with lower current rating, temperature rating, or polarization cannot be inserted into an appliance inlet that requires higher ratings.

It is rectangular and has pins parallel to the long axis of the coupler face. Commonly referred to as a Clover-leaf or Mickey Mouse connector due to ie shape.

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In addition the standards define further general criteria such as withdrawal forces, testing procedures, the minimum number of insertion cycles, and the number of flexings of cords. Many types of coupler also have common names.

Typical applications with increased pin temperatures include appliances with heating coils such as ovens or electric grills. The standards define the mechanical, electrical and thermal requirements and safety goals of power couplers. Gender references for connectors actually refer only to the contacts, not the complete connectors. An appliance with a permanently-attached plug for use in one country cannot be readily sold in another which 602230 an incompatible wall socket; this requires keeping track of variations throughout the product’s life cycle from assembly and testing to shipping and repairs.

600230 Commons has media related to IEC The cabled adapter provides grounding through a slide-in connector, while the angled AC adapter “duckhead” does not provide grounding. Appliance couplers enable the use of standard inlets and country-specific cord sets which allow manufacturers to produce the same appliance for many markets, where only the cord set has to be changed for a particular market.


The power supply cord can be replaced easily if damaged, because it is a standardized part that can be unplugged and re-inserted. List of International Electrotechnical Commission standards. A C8B inlet type is defined by the standard, for use by dual-voltage appliances; it has three pins, and can hold a Ic connector in either of two positions, allowing the user to select voltage by choosing the position the connector is inserted.

Interconnection couplers allow a power supply from a piece of equipment or an appliance to be made available to other equipment or 660230. Selection of a coupler depends in part on the IEC appliance classes.

Three wire cords with C13 connectors, which are easier to find, are sometimes used in place of the two wire cords for replacement. This coupler is sometimes colloquially called a cloverleaf coupler or ” Mickey Mouse ” because the cross section looks like the silhouette of the Disney character.

A power cord with a suitable power plug for the locality where the appliance is being used on one end and a C13 connector connecting to the appliance on the other is commonly called an IEC cord. Use British English Oxford spelling from December All articles with vague or ambiguous time Vague or ambiguous time from April Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Detachable appliance couplers are used in office equipmentmeasuring instrumentsIT environments, and medical devicesamong many types of equipment for worldwide distribution.

The dimensions and tolerances for connectors and appliance inlets are given in standard sheets, which are dimensioned drawings showing the features required for safety and interchangeability. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. For appliance couplers this 06230 of the letter “C” followed by irc number, where the standard sheet for the appliance inlet is 1 higher than the sheet for the corresponding cable connector.


The C1 coupler and C2 inlet were commonly used for mains-powered electric shavers.

BS EN IEC 60230:2018

Further sub-parts of IEC focus on special topics such as protection ratings and appliance specific requirements. Assembly and handling of an appliance is easier if the power cord can be removed without much effort. Uninterruptible power supply with a C14 inlet lower left and four type F outlets right.

Although not specified by IECand not clear if any formal written standard exists, the most common wiring appears to connect the squared side to the neutral, and the rounded to the hot line.

This is the Australian version of the IEC standard with national variations shown. The C13 connector and C14 inlet are commonly found on computers, servers, routers, and switches. Was also used heavily on Marantz Hifi equipment in the s and s. For other uses, see IEC connector disambiguation. Retrieved 29 June Standard sheet C25 shows retaining device dimensions. Ie appliance’s power system must be adapted to the different plugs used in different regions.

Instead, a country-specific power supply cord uec be included in the product packagingso that model variations are minimized and factory testing is simplified. Each type of coupler is identified by a standard sheet number.