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This classic companion to The World’s Religions articulates the remarkable unity that underlies the world’s religious traditions. Forgotten Truth has ratings and 12 reviews. Magnus The foundation of Wilbur’s “integral” ideas was written by Huston Smith in this humble masterpiece. 23 May More abstract and skeletal than his best-selling The Religions of Man, now a standard introduction to the subject, Forgotten Truth is perhaps.

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FORGOTTEN TRUTH by Huston Smith | Kirkus Reviews

Now we add that there is a sense in which he is not; forgptten wit, the sense in which he transcends all descrip- tions, anthropomorphic ones included — mystics often use the word “Godhead” for this transpersonal mode.

Meanwhile the spines that support this variety are structurally much alike. With respect to Native American traditions, Joseph Epes Brown’s accounts in particular seem yuston support this conviction. Several points must be registered, in this case four.

We can picture the vertical axis as a line which, tapping into the infinite reservoir of Being at its summit, transmits a portion of its guston to the subordinate planes, which by dint of this transfusion “materialize.

Where past and future are gathered. To summarize the way in which science perceives the seen as deriving from the un- seen, I will anticipate a short paragraph that appears in larger context on pages The Way Things Are 2.

They too watched a landscape dismantled, in their case a physical landscape of almost magical richness. Passing to the impersonal furniture of forhotten psychic plane, we encounter most importantly the archetypes.

Satirists, eyes peeled for man’s pre- tensions, use this as a count against it: But the differences can also “come together,” as the convergence of the horizontal and vertical arms indicates.

Forgotten Truth: The Primordial Tradition – Huston Smith – Google Books

Within forgottwn, the best lies deepest; it is basic, fundamental, the ground of his being. The world mind is the supreme expression of the divine in the manifest world, but it is far from God’s totality. You should have an interest in religions beyond your own denomination, if any, or in understanding how thinkers of the past used to see the world. This point was first brought home to me through a chance conver- sation while I was teaching at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The basic claim of religion is that God’s relation to the world presents us with the paradigmatic instance of a benign, empowering hierarchy.


Our power is greater than yours. Variant of Helene Trkthgoddess of light; from helene, “the bright one. And this is the meaning of our earth’s existence: Join to find the hottest teen books, connect with your favorite YA authors and meet new friends who share your reading interests.

Sub species aeternitatis phenomena are themselves noumena; samsara, nirvana. Four additional points deserve note. Jonathan Frodsham rated it liked it Sep 23, Book Club Girl book clubs. Science fiction writers know this: The terrestrial announces its dependence on the plane above it.

Forgotten Truth: The Common Vision of the World’s Religions

If they distinguish, we are back with negation: Levels imply space, space entails distance, and distance spells separation. But truth does not need us and is in no way dependent upon our powers of conceptualization.

The opposites they house are the same as those we experience here, but there they are experienced more intensely. Tim Myers rated it it was amazing May 04, Specialty Booksellers Interest-specific online venues simth often provide a book buying opportunity. So science is conceding that invisibles exist, and more. The Indian notion of siddhis — yogic powers, certain of which can influence external bodies directly, in psychokinesis hustob we would say — moves in the same direction, as does the concept of magic as the action of subtle force on corporeal matter.


Not itself a world, it is the Infinite which is their uncreated source. Literally “nonaction,” the word does not require that actions cease. Does life make sense? Or, at a higher level of abstraction, a number is a number, and number is the language of science. Trjth subtle state coalesces in its totality in the “universal or total soul,” huton Plotinus called it, though in the terminology we are using it is the universal or total mind. The multivalence of language enables it to mesh with the multidimensionality of the human spirit, de- picting its higher tfuth as numbers never can.

The sacred is saturated “with being. There was a problem adding your email address. It is the idea or view of ‘the demonic’ as a realm ‘intermediate’ between the human level and the divine, a realm that because of its intermediate position ‘unites the cosmos with itself.

Moreover, in its early stages these miracles were in the direction of the heart’s desire: With science itself there can be no quarrel. Journal of the Blaisdell Institute, IX. They need not be at odds, however, for at base — in the mathematical point where they intersect — they are identical.

On the seventh day God returns to the point from which his actions began. However, to regard objects as concrete and their properties abstract is like calling water spray concrete and wetness abstract. Hope, Yes; Progress, No 7. According to the Tibetan Book of the Dead, the intermediate bardos planes that a soul must traverse before it reenters a human body run the full gamut from terror to bliss.

As with God in his personal mode, so too with his Infinite.