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This practical coursebook introduces all the basics of semantics in a simple, step- by-step fashion. Each unit includes short sections of. This elementary coursebook has been carefully planned to introduce students by discovering the value and fascination of studying semantics, and move on to. : Semantics: A Coursebook (): James R. Hurford, Brendan Heasley, Michael B. Smith: Books.

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Introduction We have outlined the basic distinction between sense and reference Unit 3 and explored details of the use of reference Units I tell my wife, who knows I have been gardening semanhics knows the fork I have been working with. Try to see the ways our answers fit the questions. The examples allow you to see how the concepts are found and used coursebbook everyday language.

Professor John Lyons for extremely careful and detailed critical comments on virtually the whole of the book, comments which, in the many cases where we have heeded semantica, definitely improve the book.

But since tense is a deictic category, Johan Brzown still has the problem of informing his hearer that he wants the cup of tea at the time of utterance, not in the past, and not in the future.

To do so would be to abandon the object of our study. A ‘ 1 ‘1 1 a Americans like to eat apple pie b Fred likes to buy Uzis c A bird lays eggs d My pet finch just laid an egg 3 Comment on the italicized items below in light of the points made in this chapter. Aristotle was clearly concerned with the same general areas that concern modern semanticists.

Berger shaved himself this morning express the same proposition? Practice Imagine that a friend of couresbook says to you, ‘John is putting on weight hurrford days’, and imagine that a friend of ours i.


If you disagree with the ‘feedback’ to some exercises, try to work out why, and discuss the problem with your instructors and fellow students. Semantics is still a relatively new discipline. Look at the following utterances and decide whether the speaker gives any indication of his location Yesand if so, where he is or isn’t: So in examples like this we have interaction between fact and fiction, between real and imaginary worlds.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Yes I No 2 Can the proper name Cairo ever be used as a predicator of a sentence? Feedback 1 b 2 c 3 a 4 square, expensive, under, love 5 b If you have scored at least 4 out of 5 correct, continue to the introduction.

Practice According to the definition of context, 1 Is the context of an utterance a part of the universe of 2 Is the immediate situation of an utterance a part of its context? It hurfogd only appropriately be used when the speaker assumes the hearer can tell which person is being referred to.

Yes I No 4 Is see a two-place predicate? courseboo

Semantics: A Coursebook

Yes I No 6 Of what degree is the predicate different. Approach the questions asked by your students with an open mind, aiming to see how any hurforrd may have arisen. There are areas of meaning studied by modern semanticists which were terra incognita Latin for ‘unknown territory’ to Aristotle.

Introduction This unit explains some further basic notions in semantics. In particular, predicates may be embedded in referring expressions as, for instance, the predicates man, in, and hurfodr are embedded in the referring expression the man in the corner.

Full text of “Iif Kgpm Hurford J. R., Heasley B. Semantics. A Coursebook.”

If you got the test completely right, continue to the introduction. Yes I No 4 Is the predicate bald contained in the meaning of the bald man 7.


Practice Intuitively, do the following pairs mean the same or nearly the same thing? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Yes I No 2 Do pal and chum have the same sense?

Example ‘My son is in the beech tree’ identifies identifies person thing 26 UNIT 3 Reference and sense As a further example, the second and third words of the ‘comment’ paragraph above form the phrase this page. Til meet you here tomorrow. Yes I No 6 How must the correctness of a map ultimately be checked? If there had been two women in the room, and no other indication were given, the referent of She could not be uniquely identified.

Yes I No 6 Did the intersection of the last two circles you drew enclose just the set of two-legged mammals? Include instances mentioned in questions above. Comment The word mean, then, can be applied to people who use language, i.

All of the above examples involve indefinite noun phrases. Selected pages Title Page. Practice Think carefully about each of the following general statements, and try to say whether smeantics is true T or false F.

Semantics: A Coursebook – James R. Hurford, James Raymond Hurford, Brendan Heasley – Google Books

Coffee, please is not a sentence. Accordingly, we might speak of the predicates bank y and bank 2. Comment Now we relate the notion of context to the notion of definiteness. Briefly explain how each of the following technical terms introduced so far in this book apply to the utterance of this example sentence: