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Editorial Reviews. Review. `Pandaemonium was the biggest single inspiration for the Olympics : Pandaemonium – The Coming of the Machine as Seen by Contemporary Observers eBook: Humphrey Jennings. Buy Pandaemonium The Coming of the Machine as Seen by Contemporary Observers New by Humphrey Jennings, Marie-Louise Jennings, Frank. Results 1 – 30 of 36 Pandaemonium: The Coming of the Machine as Seen by Contemporary Observers by Humphrey Jennings and a great selection of related.

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One of the greatest surprises was the accompanying religious revolution.

Its entrails are strewn about; nearly the entire surface of the ground is jsnnings with cinder-heaps and mounds of scoriae. Jennings collated the excerpts between and his early death in And those very soft strata which the Cataract now erodes contain evidences of a race of animals, and of the action of seas washing over them, long before Niagara came to have a distinct current; and the rocks were compounded ages and ages before those strata!

It had to climax with something that made people go, Oh my God! Pandaemojium am exceedingly delighted iennings the beauty and neatness of his experiments, and with the accuracy of his immediate deductions from them; but the opinions founded on these deductions, and indeed his whole Theory is, I am persuaded, so exceedingly superficial as without impropriety to be deemed false.

Pandæmonium by Humphrey Jennings – review | Books | The Guardian

We seem to take it all as a matter of course. If not the jennibgs interesting book I’ve ever read, certainly among the top ten or a dozen. I really had high hopes for this book as I am fascinated by this topic, and it delivered in part.

But there is a multitude of voices here, and delight as well as revulsion or mystification. I saw a reference today that compares it to Walter Benjamin’s “The Arcades Project” I’ve been stalled about half way through “Arcades” for several years. Twelve gentlemen of good humpphrey and liberal principles are to embark with twelve ladies in April next.

Adam Wiggins rated it did not like it Jan 15, We are not angry at a soldier’s getting riches, because we see that he possesses qualities which we have not. In only a few pieces of purely scientific notation are the people visible hennings often as here in the first account, in the first experiment, they are.


Pandaemonium (history book)

Not that the scientists are evil but that the ideas of scientists outpace sociological ones. A slight trembling, as from an earthquake, was felt for about half a mile around the workings; and the noise of the explosion, though humphgey, was heard to three or four miles distance, and much resembled an unsteady fire of infantry.

Most scientific work is incompatible with poetic expression for one simple reason, that our interest in poetry does not lie in things, discoveries, inventions, formulae themselves but in their effect on people. John rated it really liked it Aug 14, Mind, in his system, is always passive, – a lazy Looker-on on an external world. Views Read Edit View history. There is a rumbling and clanking of iron forges and rolling mills.

The Black Country is anything but picturesque. The lightning kills a man, whether a good one or a bad one, owing to the excessively complex action of natural laws. I am inclined to look at everything as resulting from designed laws, with the details, whether good or paandaemonium, left to the working pxndaemonium of what we may call chance.

Accounts of all the strange phantasms that ever possessed your philosophy-dreamers; from Thoth, the Egyptian to Taylor the English pagan, are my darling Studies. True to Jennings original intention this collection of writings is a visual piece. At the same time, Boyle and Cottrell Boyce were developing the opening ceremony for the Summer Olympicswith Boyle as its artistic director and Cottrell Boyce as the writer. A little experience in this branch of the art showed me that with smaller camerae obscurae the effect would be produced in a smaller time.

Nov 24, Jacey rated it it was amazing Shelves: Some of the “images” as the author calls the passages presented This is a jennngs of excerpts from sources relating to the coming of the industrial revolution presented in chronological order.

Are we meant to conclude from all this that science, in the abstract, is a force which erodes humanity?: Cameron Willis rated it it was amazing Apr 21, Retrieved 26 November Open Preview See a Problem?

In short, this is nothing less than a one-volume history of modern Britain. Certainly I agree with you that my views are not at all necessarily atheistical.


Finally, for any steampunk writer worth their salt, it is a treasure trove of inspirations. This was in no way a bad book, but it grew to be a tiresome one and I was pleased when I finished it.

Jennings himself was more relaxed.

The problem with the industrial revolution seems less to do with intentional exploitation and more to do with being unable to keep up with new developments. Lyell jeninngs his book about America, says that the falls of Niagara, if as seems certain they have worked their way back southwards for seven miles, must have taken over 35, years to do so, at the rate of something over a foot a year! Either way, it did make the book feel like a solid lump of text without much breaking the passages up, making it feel heavy-going jenjings times.

She said, he worked in the Lead Mines.

If the mind be not passive, if it be indeed made in God’s Image, and that, too, in the sublimest sense, the Image of the Creator, there is ground for suspicion that any system built on the passiveness of the mind must jennongs false, as a system.

This is a compedium of primary sources from the industrial revolution. Jennings’s daughter, Mary-Louise, in her excellent introduction, implies that the book should be read in order. Jul 29, Hazel marked it as to-read.

Pandaemonium (history book) – Wikipedia

Writing of the new edition, Diana Athill observed “[On its original publication in ] it received many perceptive and enthusiastic reviews, but it has taken Boyle to shift it from academic appreciation to the general readership for which it was intended and which it deserves.

Following an attempt to get the out-of-print edition published as an e-book, [8] a new condensed edition of the book was published in Octoberwith a foreword by Frank Cottrell Boyce. And I beheld herds of deer of enormous size, quietly browsing, and groups of elephants, mastodons, and other herbivorous animals of colossal magnitude This collection of writings is about the Industrial Revolution.