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Ghulam Abbas envisioned a scenario of the end of 20th century at the 71st floor of hotel Mohenjodaro located in the capital of Pakistan. Hotel Mohenjodaro: you can die but you can never check out:eek: By Juhi It bluntly portrayed an image of a Pakistan that Ghulam Abbas. This large assemblage gathered in the rooftop garden of Hotel Mohenjodaro, Its author Ghulam Abbas who died in Karachi in is hardly known outside.

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Much has been written and said about the little angel — Malala, who was twice shot and injured, along with her two classmates Kainat and Shaziaby the Pakistani brand of Taliban last month, BUT let me recall the incident for you another time. And violence erupted throughout the country leaving scores of dead and injured…. This site uses cookies. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Hotel Mohenjodaro | Lahore Nama

Red Bull Music Soundclash: Aleeza Rasool – Posted on: Omer Makbool rated it really liked it Apr 19, He is the only Pakistani to have seen the North […]. Next Post The Faizabadsit-in has firmly established Pakistan as a kakistocracy. Then why are we tolerating the Mullah in the name of Islam? It seems as if he has a very important role to play in this drama.

Anjum marked it as to-read Sep 01, The President and Prime Minister of Pakistan received mohenhodaro of congratulations from all over the world for the spectacular success achieved by Pakistani scientists.

This large assemblage gathered in the rooftop garden of Hotel Mohenjodaro, a store-yed sky-scraper. They were being entertained with music and drinks to while away the time. Jaaday ki Chandni and Kan ras are his famous books containing remarkable short stories. Meanwhile, the opposition in National Assembly also thought it as an opportunity to throw-away the government also sided with the clergy led movement by registering an adjournment motion.


While the city had such green spaces as Lawrence Gardens, Aitchison College, the cantonment and Model Town, farm and forest on the outskirts began where Defence Society or Allama Iqbal Town and ghuam innumerable societies now sprawl in […].

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It was a city of ghula who ere cultured, courteous and with […]. But the celebrations were short-lived. Abid Ali marked it as to-read Jun 10, The Mullah is no defender of Islam.

Hotel Moenjodaro & Other Stories

His love for poetry, specially Urdu poetry was abiding and profound, but he never ventured into it himself seriously. Prev Post United Arab Emirates: Section states that the assembly of four or more people stands prohibited. I grew up in Lahore.

Police started to arrest them. Zia December 17, But Pakistan, thanks to the great efforts of its scientists and nohenjodaro achievements in the field of astronomy and space sciences, was actually about to be able to explore that glory. The situation got so much worse that all tools of government failed to control the situation, but it turned so nasty that eventually the government abbws to resign.

Columnist, bloggers, writers, poets pour the noblest of words from their vocabulary onto pages and marked their participation in praise of her, her cause and the cause of education. This is the second of this three-part piece. You are commenting using your Twitter account. S marked it ghulak to-read Jul 03, The arrested clergy leadership was considered commanders and the crowd who followed them were declared as soldiers of Allah. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


On the day of the massive protest, the government started deploying police and law enforcement agencies outside all the major mosques to foil the attempt of breaking the law. His short stories Anandi and Overcoat earned him international fame.

The city, mostly sleeping or at best oozing.

This move by the opposition lifted the morale of the movement a step further and they called a countrywide convention, where it was demanded that as the members of the government are heretical and agnostics, so they no longer remained worthy of leadership of a country whose sovereignty belongs to Allah. Many people regard […].

The news of moheenjodaro arrests further agitated general public and they started attacking the government installations and foreign diplomatic missions in Pakistan. Sumi on The not-so-great Ali Mardan…. Radiumcat marked it as to-read Feb 23, There was a country wide jubilation over that success. His love for poetry, specially Urdu poetry was abiding and profound, but he never ventured in Mohebjodaro Abbas Urdu: There is singing and dancing and the audience are immediately engrossed into the play owing to its vibrant lights, colours and movements.

Everything went according to schedule. Mohennodaro government loses its battle with the clerics and eventually an Amir is appointed to rule the state of Pakistan. Ahmad Imdad rated it liked it Jun 03, The government awarded him with the National Hero award.