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Get this from a library! Hora staccato for violin and piano. [GrigoraČ™ Dinicu; Jascha Heifetz]. Check out Hora staccato (Arr. for Violin and Piano by Jascha Heifetz) by Jascha Heifetz on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on. Check out Hora Staccato, Dance for Violin and Piano by Emanuel Bay Jascha Heifetz on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. And have seen this for years.

As for experimentation, many of us will redo experiments we’ve read on these posts, but knowing that there are others trying the same thing is comforting. Glenn, Thanks for you very kind comments. The upbow movements are fast, but the string crossing is slower.

As for only being to play the upbow licks in fast-mode, that’s fine. Playing anything is great on this particularly hell-ish piece and slowness will develop with confidence viilin relaxation.

Dr S, Totally sobering point.

Hora Staccato Violin Heifetz Violin/Piano

I have seen, by artists saccato don’t have that expectation to fulfill, do wonderful performances. On the big stage, there is an expectation from the audience, whatever that might be. I dunno that this is completely true as kids will likely nod their heads “yes” to most any of my questions. I enjoy your posts by the way Even in an ‘authentic’peformance – and boy is there a discussion to have there on the meaning of that, the motivation of the performer is to play for others, to share, and in that sense to ‘show off”.


The consequence was that the sound would not become “sweet” on the edge of the bowhair but remain bold and more powerful.

Isn’t that the job of virtuosi? The opening portion of Hora Staccato, filled with brilliant trills and witty descending staccato scales, is composed in wholly diatonic fashion and gives little hint of the wild, impassioned gypsy outburst of the extended middle section. Romantic Walk Through Romanian Music. We are taught not to do this, but they do it. Posted August 21, This is not a negative thing unless is it uncontrolled or abused which in the latter example it certainly is very frequently.

I have been critical of methods stavcato those following a mentor too closely and blindly to the detriment of their students and music. You’re comments – agreed upon.

That piece, one of a handful of musical truffles jora virtually every concert violinist’s encore list, is the delightful Hora Staccato for violin and piano. But if one can isolate the tension, the bow arm can move more slowly.

On the down bow, the hand has many choices. This type of analysis is a good starting point for most players. A Dream For Two. Schubert, Auber, Mendelssohn and others My journey to develop violun bow technique is going to be a long and arduous one.

  2N7002 NL PDF

I simply never bothered to do the experimention to make this discovery in the up adn down bow staccato.

Heifetz-Dinicu:Hora Staccato(violin & piano) : Thomas Metzler Violin…

On stage, it’s a very strange vibe, but there are times when the audience desires for the artist to play well. Viilin benefit of a relaxed bow hand is that it can often produce a very open sound. If done correctly, there is no loss of dynamic and the sound is almost seamless.

Menuhin Plays Virtuoso Violin Music.

The authentic performance is not one that is specifically designed to delight the audience. Good ministers and preachers are the same way.

But recently, it made sense to add information perhaps from a single player’s POV. Having been a vocal critique caused some understandable backlash. To take the pressure off me commenting on any string player, let’s say that Richard Goode pianists performed vio,in amazing in a small hall. However, I keep my spirits up by reminding myself that my vibrato development was also a long and arduous journey, but once I got it, it became one of my strenths.

Things like vibrato and upbow and downbow spiccato can tsaccato be generally described.