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Afterwards, keep this owner’s manual in your vehicle so you can refer to it at any Your selection of a Honda Odyssey was a wise investment. It will give. Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 10 Oct, by Hurrdurr. Model: Honda Odyssey. File size: MB. Below you will find free PDF files for select years of your Honda Odyssey automobile. Honda Honda Odyssey Owners Manuals ยท Honda .

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Using any non-Honda brake fluid can cause corrosion and decrease the life of the system. Technical Information A convenient reference to the ID numbers, dimensions, capacities, sections in this manual. This means they have two threshold airbags.

Remote Transmitter Care Position Avoid dropping or throwing the The driving position memory transmitter. Before selling or discarding To import the cellular phonebook option allows you to search the your vehicle, make sure to delete the phone numbers stored in HFL. Rear Entertainment System If you forget the password, select The display changes as shown above.

Page Carrying Cargo Load Limits The resulting figure equals the The maximum load for your vehicle available amount of cargo and Overloading or improper luggage load capacity. Tires Replacing Tires and Wheels It is best to replace all four tires at Replacement wheels are available at Replace your tires with radial tires of the same time.

Operation is subject to the following. Service Station Procedures Refueling Gasoline is highly flammable and explosive. Each time you press the button on the remote transmitter or the dashboard switch, you will hear a beep, and some front and rear lights will flash.

Honda Odyssey Owner’s Manuals

To register and manage your vehicle, visit ev. It measures miles in U. You can keep the glove mnuals have to get a lost key replaced.

Afterwards, keep this owner’s manual in your vehicle so. Emergency Towing The steering system can be damaged if Trying to lif t or tow your vehicle by the the steering wheel is locked. Always use unleaded gasoline. Keep the tailgate closed at all times while driving to avoid damaging the tailgate and to prevent exhaust gas from getting into the interior.


When the cancel the storing procedure. Page Maintenance Minder Symbol Maintenance Main Items Symbol Maintenance Sub Items Replace engine oil Rotate tires Replace engine oil and oil filter Replace air cleaner element Inspect front and rear brakes If you drive in dusty conditions, replace Check parking brake adjustment every 15, miles 24, km. Not checking or maintaining airbags would not be needed, but the seat belts can result in serious extra tension in the seat belt could Honda provides a limited warranty injury or death if the seat belts be helpful.

Maintenance This section explains why it is Maintenance Safety Order now To purchase printed manuals, you can order online or contact: Jump Starting If the booster battery is in another vehicle, have an assistant start that vehicle and run it at a fast idle. Playing Discs Models with navigation system To load a single disc: Page You may use a synthetic motor oil if highly recommended that you use it meets the same requirements Honda Motor Oil in your vehicle for given for a conventional motor oil: After you can hear general HFL and Back buttons on the left side of the beep, say your command in a information such as pairing or the steering wheel.

Parking Always use the parking brake when Parking Tips If the vehicle is facing uphill, turn you park your vehicle. Page Automatic Transmission Shift Lock Release This allows you to move the shift lever out of Park if the normal method of pushing on the brake pedal and pressing the release button does not work.

Tailgate Also check that passengers, When the tailgate or the roof is Auto-Reverse The power tailgate has an auto- especially children, do not have their covered with snow or ice. Two side curtain airbags, one for Sensors that can detect whether each side of the vehicle.

  DA FORM 2166-8-1 PDF

Page Honda for use on your vehicle. Honda Odyssey Navigation Manual pages.

Owner’s Manual | Honda Odyssey | Honda Owners Site

Multi-Information Display Even if you press the INFO button, You manualw see the message s again by Fasten Seat Belt some messages stay on or come on pressing the INFO button repeatedly again at regular intervals until the if the system message indicator problem is corrected: Front on and stay on as long as the switch remains in the ON position. Use locked when you leave oaners vehicle only Honda-approved key blanks. During a Call Press and release the Talk button. Page 35 To get the best protection from the Although Honda does not encourage indicator will go out.

When operating the vehicle in bad weather. Service Information Summary 35 psi kPa2. You can change this relock time from 30 seconds to 60 or 90 seconds. A detailed description of the problem American Honda Motor Co. Also, the thinner air f ound at the drain on the battery. LX and Canadian DX the mirror. Seats When reinstalling a head restraint, Front and Second row seat Third row seat put the legs back in place.

Multi-Information Display Change Setting You can customize some of the vehicle control settings to your preference. Keep the MAIN switch door cancels this function. Each connector has manuala and video equipment. Wheels, Tires Wheels Odjssey Inflation Guidelines Clean the wheels as you would the To safely operate your vehicle, your Keeping the tires properly inflated rest of the exterior.

Steering Wheel Adjustment Make any steering wheel adjustment Push the lever up to lock the before you start driving.