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Homo videns: La sociedad teledirigida; Giovanni Sartori. Read more Hommo ( Homo) Sapiens Neanderthalensis. Read more. Sartori, Giovani () Hommo Videns. Imbecilizarea prin televiziune si postgandirea. [Hommo Videns. The imbecilisation by television and post-thinking ]. Giovanni Sartori në replikat mbi kryeveprën “hommo videns” deklaronte se: << Një popull sovran ka etje për Demokraci, kurse një popull televiziv ka etje për.

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Not to mention the fact that the trend of the comments was positive for Iohannis and of course, negative for Ponta. Ironically, this risk was formulated by Marshall McLuhan around half of century ago, but without any serious taking in account. For this generation a computer without net access, a mobile phone without touch screen, a video game without social-media interface is all a non- sense.

Journalists must serve as an independent monitor of power — in the next century, the press must watchdog not only government, but an expanding nonprofit world, a corporate world, and the expanding public debate that new technology sartorii creating; 6. Their journalists and video editors vidfns news packages circulate around the globe with the speed of light in a format accessible to different areas of different cultures. A distinctive feature of the conference is multilingualism.

The digital age we are crossing now needs critics of the new media.

Unfortunately, not all young people have an equal access to the best schools and the most performing universities. Obviously, there is a price to pay for such sideslips, especially in cases of media coverage of political games and players.

Sydney Callahan added that the media must not only report news stories with utmost accuracy. The two terms in question are composed by means of the prefix multi- the former being centred on the word mode, and the latter on the word media. Using the semantic integration of visual and textual elements, the researchers evaluate the intersemiotic translation and the simple duplication of meanings, the co- occurrence.


A serious question that can be formulated at this point is: Dominated by the internet, our contemporary society crosses the digital age. When it comes to the European Union, over the last years, it has continuously updated its strategies and policies in order to implement the most adequate communication system that could contribute to strengthen the European public sphere and, consequently, the construction of the European Union.

Ideally, the synergy of various semiotic systems creates a singular message or, if required, convergent messages: It should be noted, in the case of the latter, that serious registry items conveyed through written verbal message, counterbalance humour: We already have an extended part of young generation grown up with at least 2 or 3 hours of TV daily, with a very poor reading exercise, and that are interested only about images in all format against the text.

Moreover, according to the philosophical assumptions that are unexplained as the foundation, the theory of the tetrad is subsumed into a critical-interpretative orientation.

Calaméo – Professional Communication and Translation Studies 8/

McLuhan, E, and F. The paper first provides a background on the main perspectives of media industry and public communication.

Theoreticians as Jakobson, Morris and Sebeok, amongst. Sarori of 10 books on stylistics, journalism and modern history, viens focus is on applied linguistics, communication sciences and political science. Moreover, there are no texts accompanying the cover photos or the profile photos posted by the social media team, which most likely means that the staff relies on the high visual impact of photos. What is a sign in one context can be a meaning or a representation in another context and the other way around.

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A graduate of Foreign Languages and Literature Faculty and of various programs in communication, special education, computer-assisted language learning programs he developed different textbooks for. The last post from the 7th of November presented a vodens of photos from a visit Iohannis did in the counties of Braila and Galati. As McLuhan noted, new media can change profoundly the way in which content is consumed and perceived.


Specific to multimodal research, a mode is a socially and culturally shaped resource for meaning making. Second, to leave the topic in the care of tabloids feasting on sensational scoops.

Professional Communication and Translation Studies 8/2015

BalkanBulletin shared a link. If we apply this postulate to the tetrad media it is obvious that its weak point or theoretical compromise is due by the accuracy and precision of the results. We are in contact with thousands of people by social media without knowing too much about them. The Audiovisual Services of the European Commission, available at http: Social Times — electronic article available at http: As an instrument of analysis we can say that the tetrad analysis provides a rapid way to identify the exerted properties and actions on people by a new technology.

On a positive trend, the post attracts positive comments, topped by an anti-Ponta amateur- made poem, with 3, likes. Thus, many Romanian citizens from hmomo did not manage to cast their votes. The multiple ways in which communication occurs and which contribute to the giovahni of meaning, the semiotic resources that are socially dependent, as well as the individual and subjective selection and configuration of communication modes in order to perceive meanings — these are just a few of the working concepts of the field.

More or less accurate, anyone can say when he or she started to watch at TV and when he or she has stop do it this.