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Heya all, does anyone have a copy of the operating manual for the HKS Additional Injector Controller? Checked HKSUSA website & sent them. HKS “F-CON iS” is a piggy-back ECU for fuel and ignition management as well as new features. AIC Function: Up to 2 additional injectors can be controlled. Need Original HKS AIC Installation Instruction Manual – posted in Virtual Mechanic: Hi, if anyone has this manual to send or to send copies, get.

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Please keep me in the loop when you find a user’s manual. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

I’m looking forward to your picture. U will have fuel to rpms Mixture Controller is required separately. Can you post picture of unit, I may be able to help.

EIDS Function When throttle is closed, intake air returns to air flow meter and it affects to air flow meter voltage. Mine is an analog system with dials on it, I contacted HKS and they couldn’t help me saying it is too old. Injectors are required separately. GL Walt Last edited by wjfk32; at Just connect to a stock ECU with a vehicle specified harness without modification.

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I’m not running headers and it was running rich when it was on dyno. The pictures you possted on Rennlist is basically what I’ve got.


Up to 18 items Each data can be shown by bar graph and numbers. Last edited by wjfk32; at Setting at PowerWriter shops is required. It took me a little while to get relaxed in it when getting on it! I am not able to use the system because I have not been able to find any iac on how to set it up. Immobilizer Function When ignition is turned on, if switch is not at setting value, engine will not start. Items can be selected with PowerWriter.

Find More Posts by Dave 86 Fl. Going from left to right With Screen changeover switch, items of the screen can be changed.

Need Original HKS AIC Installation Instruction Manual

The gain is quite minimal. F-CON iS can control the latest advanced engines. Four sub maps for each fuel and ignition control can be easily switched with dip switches.

Test posts are permitted. I’ve looked around the net numerous times and have found no info on this system, I’m so glad you saw my post. When characteristics of air flow his output are changed from stock condition, air flow meter signal can be corrected.

AIC Function Up to 2 additional injectors can be controlled. I’ll get a pic after the weekend.

Having this, 1bar should be stable-when doing top end runs I dyno’d the car last year and it put down hp and torque at the wheels, no wonder it feels aoc good. Last edited by matsuzaka; at You need patience and good senses to dial it in right.


**HKS AIC(Additional Injector Controller) New Jersey – Honda-Tech – Honda Forum Discussion

Find More Posts by Matsuzaka. The following errors occurred with your submission. Dave 86 Fl. If you don’t have fuel on top–U will go lean and break something All times are GMT Get hkss from PowerWriter shops. Thanks Mac, yes I did get the link and your reply to me on Rennlist.

I would put the gain-3rd button at Find More Posts by ahenthus. Your question will be posted in:. If I had eruo lines-most likely i wouldn’t have put it in Originally Posted by Matsuzaka.

HKS AIC II user manual needed – Rennlist – Porsche Discussion Forums

I do not use it, I keep it turned off, because I can not find instructions for it. Perhaps this was due to a slight boost leak I’ve since repaired, I’ll see when I get it back on the dyno later this year.

I will take xic pic-and send it to u of my set up. Was in the for a few hours today as I took it manuaal a Ferrari Club event. I called HKS and they couldn’t help me, they said my dial analog system is too old.