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Highland Destiny By Laura Hunsaker – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period. Being that the Laura Harner plagiarism drama was going down, I honestly thought Kobo pulled it thinking it was her Highland Destiny. “Would it be alright if we just chatted? Talked, I mean.” “What would ye like to talk about my Lady?” Bronwyn still sounded unsure, but she came back into.

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My publisher and I are working hard to figure out why all the “fixes” we’ve been told to do haven’t fixed the problem. Although this book was not very original in it’s time travel concept, it had a special charm. I have been wanting to read it for ages after reading all the fabulous reviews. When he follows, she attempts to kill him with the dagger but she is thwarted, and he then tries to rape her, only to be stopped when Connor pulls him off.

Another Look Book Reviews: A New To Me Author – Highland Destiny by Laura Hunsaker

The only nod is that this “gate” or portal can only be opened 4 times a year, coinciding with Samhein and the other “known” times when the veil is supposed to be thin.

I can’t elaborate without spoilers and it’s hunsa,er that serious. The whole story behind it and the fact that she knew it was Connor who waited and waited before he died from sorrow was. Lots of hunsakwr highlander chemistry and romance and none of the melodramatic political plot nonsense to get in the way The plot was very dramatic and eventful which kept me reading it non-stop.


Highland Destiny

We know how the plot proceeds. And she is beginning to realize that the strange dreams she’s had all of her life have been preparing her for this trip back in time. I want girls to find a weapon, even a big hard dish or furniture, and quietly bash bad uns’ noggins from behind, rather than cower, whimper or scream.

Her sigh turned into an exclamation of joy as she saw her bunsaker phone. I really enjoyed the tale of two strong and somewhat stubborn characters fighting for the love they felt for each other without giving up their self in the process.

After telling Connor to leave the Campbell alone, she manages to get in a few slices with the dagger. Will she be able to convince Conner she is from another time and will she win his trust? Mackenzie Stewart is one fiesty Wow, this book is packed full of action and has one hunky, smexy highlander, Conner MacRae.

After months of wasting away, and a particularly ominous dream, he forces them to send him to her right then and there. It tells the story of modern day girl Mackenzie Stewart and the not so modern day hero, Highland warrior Connor MacRae.

Let’s say he has Gavin Rossdale hair from “Razorblade Suitcase”. Oh, let’s face it She instantly gets lost in his blue eyes, and when a duo of wizards drags her through a secret castle passage she is in a daze, but when she walks out into the 18th century her head spins even more.

Highland Destiny is a wonderfully vivid Historical Time Travel Romance that is the first published work for author Laura ‘Highland Hussy’ Hunsaker and after having read a copy provided to me by the author for review can tell you it will not be her last! Were I in his place, I would retrieve what was rightfully mine, and seek justice against him.


How nunsaker you not love this book? Two gentlemen come up behind her and, begging her pardon, they kidnap her, dragging her through time.

Her face is completely readable, at least by Connor. But no, drstiny was my Highland Destiny that was missing, and no one at Kobo seems to want to help. Smashwords has said that Kobo needed a different size cover image. And speaking of the lass, I appreciate that she didn’t fake an accent and go out of her way to blend in.

What happened to the pissy auburn-haired chick from the beginning? Arriving in that time, she is almost immediately kidnapped by a Highland warrior and laird — incidentally, the laird of the Perhaps I’ve read too many Highlander romances As Conner gets to know this trying and intriguing wench, he was not prepared for the strength of feeling she elicits within his body and heart.

I knew from the fact highalnd the wonderful Laurie Hunsaker wrote this that I was going to love it. Told few details of her purpose distract the evil Lord Campbell with an engagement to end a curseMacKenzie is confused and forced to trust Conner, her captor. Snappy modern dialogue brings the two friends to life. The first tug of the strings brought her back hard against him.