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Dreamscarred Press is proud to announce the release of its latest product in its High Psionics line – High Psionics: Soulknives. High Psionics: Learning Centers is devoted to psionic schools and centers for instruction. Within its pages you will find six unique such schools, each detailing. Their products include the highly reviewed Psionics Unleashed, Psionics . High Psionics: Psicrystals Expanded $ High Psionics: Fleshcrafting $

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This spell allows the caster, for the duration of the spell, the mutate him- or herself, or a part of his or her body, into whatever form is desired.

A remove disease spell cast before the transformation is complete will restore an afflicted creature to normal. This spell allows the transplant of organs between different races. Now, without the need to defend their home, they have become masters of the elements and were crucial in the founding of the Well of Minds.

Here, they are again described as simply a desert-dwelling race of aberrations, but now classified as psioncs, malicious and deceitful, with a strong antipathy towards humanoid life. A powerful society based on explorative magics and portals were investigating nearby dimensions when they opened a portal to the Khraani home world, a world that was dying.

Some proficient fleshcrafters use psionic powers to absorb the damage done to their patient and then heal themselves to hasten the process, but since fleshcrafting does not necessarily require psionic powers, such is not always the case.

[Dreamscarred Press] High Psionics: Learning Centers Released

Bestial Fleshcrafting, toughen skin, inertial armor Cost to Create: At 2nd level and every three levels thereafter, you make a powerful discovery in your research and learn how to improve your body in a subtle or less subtle way. Most phrenic creatures have the ability to store and channel psionic energy, but none more so than 11 High Psionics: Being simple creatures, flesh golems have no reasoning ability, though they can comprehend simple spoken commands.


This gives you 11 additional power points each day. An ingenious fleshcrafter can attach such strands harvested from a puppeteer to the nerve system of a user, allowing them a similar effect as that of the puppeteer.

The form in which the mutated body part finds itself is permanent unless mutated further, or undone through a wish. Your scales fuse together allowing you better protection while still retaining your flexibility. After surgery has been completed, the recipient needs to rest for days as his body heals, and must remain under constant observation to make sure that the body does not reject the implant itself. Designation of Product Identity: Any similarity to actual people, organizations, places, or events is purely coincidental.

Psurlons are a species of highly intelligent, worm-like aberrationswho are the transformed remnants of a race of humanoids. Like all denizens of the Astral Plane, psurlons don’t need to eat, so this is the least important reason, but they do relish the taste of meat.

It does not normally make Spot or Listen checks separately from its master, but its master gains the benefit of the Alertness feat. Fleshcrafting can turn one of his crystalic fleshcrafts inert, transforming it into a regular part of his body.

High Psionics – Fleshcrafting

The Well is a powerful symbol, showing that the Khraan not only form their own destiny, they have conquered even the concept of death, never bowing fleshxrafting a hostile world. Some fleshcrafts are designed to improve on existing traits, such as adding additional, phrenically active, muscle tissue or extending the use of an existing appendage or body part.

Those who break this unspoken, but understood, rule are eliminated ruthlessly, and those who obtained the spells illicitly are hunted down. Terrifying I after having been exposed. Once a week the victim can make a new Fortitude save to free himself from this poison. You can force one of your fleshcrafts to become dormant, which means that you lose all benefits it would normally give you, to heal 2 hit points per character level.


The Khraan tried to adapt to their new forms, with souls not made for their bodies, they flehscrafting rebuilding their own civilization over the ruins of that of humanity.

Psinics, their powers allow them to seek out criminals and understand the grand designs around them.

Secret Art of Fleshcrafting

Allows to caster to be immune to polymorph spells. You agree not to indicate compatibility or co-adaptability with any Trademark or Registered Trademark in conjunction with a work containing Open Game Content except as expressly licensed in another, independent Agreement with the owner of such Trademark or Registered Trademark. Bestial Fleshcrafting, grip of iron, wall walker Cost to Create: This material is protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America.

Each Personal Fleshcraft can only be taken once, unless otherwise noted. Fleshcrafts are, by their very nature, invasive. If the points are not spent, they are lost. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Some Fleshcrafters are not above casting a geas on their patients, to force them to perform a service in return for the enhancement. Still, despite this, psurlons are rarely encountered on Athas; usually, they only show up when Athasian psionicists or wizards summon them from the Astral Plane in hopes of learning from what they know.