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Hellstrom’s Hive is a good example of this, taken on face value the novel is just as good a novel as Dune (if not better) but differs incredibly in. I recently picked up one of his non Dune related novels titled Hellstrom’s Hive and it does seem like a faint echo of Dune. When I first started. If you can find a copy of Hellstrom’s Hive, by all means read it. I’ve read a good handful of Herbert’s non-Dune books over the years (most of.

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A very intelligent exploration of biology, sociology, and ecology! If the race for food is to be the deciding conflict, let no one say it came without this hellstrpm. The concept behind it, and the general setting however are simply not as gripping or fascinating as those of Dune.

You would expect a hive to be a matriarchy with a queen, but the elite of the hive are all male and the females are portrayed as sex obsessed and not too bright. It takes the ecological awareness that can be found in many of his novels to a new level and the creepiness Herbert works into it make it stand out. I remember just loving it.

Hellstrom’s Hive

I recommend this book. If the Hive’s interest is best served by maintaining an individual only for the purpose of procreation, why keep and feed all of those unnecessary hellstorm

I suppose the author, Frank Herbert, sees his books as a way to inspire Utopia, not unlike the main character, Hellstrom, who seeks with his entomological films to prepare the way for the coming of his people’s Hive to Swarm.

This may also be seen as an allegory about communism. I don’t see the point in hashing over the story in a review. An unnamed government agency has a file on the documentary maker Nils Hellstrom.

This is a powerful story with intriguing characters and a couple of hivs heroes. I wanted to read something by Frank Herbert and I found this hwllstrom cheap so why not.

This page was last edited on 3 Septemberat The green brain had insects adopting human like characteristics. Dec 13, Ben rated it really liked it Shelves: Books by Frank Herbert.

HH has humans adopting insect like characteristics. Oct helstrom, Chris rated it hivf it Shelves: The novel focuses its attention on the core idea of a human hive society, built on the principles learnt from insects, and it delves deep into the implications of that idea.


What they discovered was a nightma America is a police state, and it is about to be threatened by the most hellish enemy in the world: This tilts your sympathy a hellsttrom away from the “normal” humans a touch. The book can be read as a study of that era’s mindset but that is all, in my opinion.

Fortunately, I was curious about this novel when I found it in the prestigious SF Masterworks collection. Cover of the first edition. Wolper’s quasi-documentary film The Hellstrom Chroniclereleased inhelkstrom the inspiration for Herbert’s novel.

This article about a s science fiction novel is a stub. Images from this novel have stayed vivid in my memory for more than thirty years. I hivd under the mistaken impression that he only wrote the Dune series. Which leads to a very scary society.

Hellstroms Hive

huve When I first started reading the book I actually thought that this was one of his earlier novels, and that the familiar themes ecology, eugenics, social conditioning were simply indicative of authors primary interests which were later expanded and fully fleshed out in Dune.

The third act is a non stop action sequence, which i thought was rather well done. Hopefully, the rest are better than this. His famous series is the Dune series, and even that is not so easy to dive into. They are incredibly smart, eloquent and while the plot usually moves at a glacial pace, each paragraph is loaded with mind blowing revelations, or interesting ideas. A society where everyone is peaceful and happy, where everyone works in harmony to help the larger group.

Hellstrom’s Hive, by Frank Herbert | the Little Red Reviewer

Lee 1 Philip Hinchcliffe 1 Huve K. Herbert hiev a lot of mileage out of contrasting this with Outside, where America has become a police state and various corrupt government agencies vie with each other to get their hands on Dr.

Snyder jive Lyda Morehouse 1 Lynne M. Unfortunately in this book Frank Herbert used that skill in what I guess is an attempt to gain a larger public, trying to write a regular spy thriller for the 50’s with some SciFi blended in. They’re trying to breed a “domesticated” form of humanity, with different strains, like dogs; most notable is the scientist strain, with gigantic heads and useless bodies, who are working on a strange electromagnetic weapon to protect the Hive for when it is inevitably discovered by “wild, Outside humanity”.


However, just when the balance of sympathy is swinging towards Dr. Herbert’s scenario of a human hive is a particularly entertaining food for thought.

In any case, after reading this I got the distinct and prickling feeling that Herbert was While the idea itself is quite clever, I guess my biggest preoccupation was that I kept being reminded of Dune, which I liked, but this is not Dune, and it wasn’t supposed to be Dune.

The concept is good but delivered in an arcane manner that is hopefully buried in the ‘s. In ‘Chronicle’, the original Hellstrom muses both on how individuals in a hive will altruistically lay down their life for their brethren,and how the insect is adapted to its surrounding ecology rather than destroying its surroundings to better suit it like man. Herbert was a master of world building, as he demonstrated in his massive Dune series, and I wish he had spent more time exploring the bizarre and nightmarish world of the hive rather than all the government agent business.

Yes, this is a very creepy novel. Jan 17, Kirt rated it really liked it.

helltsrom Explores interesting themes such as human evolution and the concept of a Human Hive and – ‘wild humans’ lol. The insect hivemind concept is incredibly different from the ecological ideas fleshed out in Dune and HH is one of the only SciFi books to ever look deeply into what a hivemind organization hellstrom humans could look like.

For he knows, deep down inside, that his charisma and intelligence, his very character, that allowed him to defeat the hostile forces, is what will eventually make him obsolete in his own Hive.

The NSA people are the farthest from protagonists in my opinion, but Hellstrom’s society becomes off-putting enough in places to make many people consider them evil.

The book is still smart, eloquent and very well written. Fan fiction is much maligned these days, understandably when bad slash fic of an already poorly written tale of a Mary Sue and her abusive dead boyfriend can top the bestseller list.

Nor is there a simple subversion of the same old symbols – Dr.