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About The Book Hatharatnavali is an important treatise on Hathayoga and Tantra written by Srinivasa Bhatta Mahayogendra ( A.D.) but not popular. Documents Similar To Rasarnavakalpa. Uploaded by. Purushottam Gupta. The Rasarnava Sudhakara of Simhabhupala. Important Features of Hatha Ratnavali the Yogic Text of Srinivasa Yogi . Hathapradipika it is not widely known to the yoga seekers and still it is.

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Fix the gaze on the tip of the nose. But srlnivasa for the first time revealed the secret of bhrumadhya-drsti through sahketa. This triad facilitates quick growth of ragnavali creeper unmani. Then the fire and apana take their original form, which intensify the bodily fire.

This process is popularly known as sutra-neti. This is jalandhhra bandhawhich removes old age and premature death. There is a description of the four stages of Yoga and a 14 nadis are explained. Moreover, it ties up the nervous network, which restricts the downward flow of the hath oozing from the space.

All the details are not put forth considering that it would inflate the volume of the book.

HP describes sixfold purificatory processes in which cakri-karma is not mentioned, to which srinivasa has taken a great objection and criticised about his ignorance. This should be imparted only to the one who is equally meritorious. This is called niralambanasana.

Span of life, karma professionwealth and education — these four ratanvali destined at the very time of conception. Preface After a pretty long gap the second edition of the “Hatharatnavali” is now in the hands of yoga lovers.


Venkata Reddy and published by M. A wise should rapidly blow the bodily air like the bellows of an ironsmith until he becomes exhausted. One leg is placed over the neck and the other stretched out. This is an excellent as ana, which facilitates the application of the three bandhas.

Hatharatnavali (A Treatise on Hata Yogas and Tantra)

He was alive in AD and was staying on kiskindha mountain in Karnataka. These six verses ii. On attainment of the state of rajayoga, there remains no object for the eyes sensescitta does not undergo further modification, one transcends time and space, there is no need to control the breath or undergo the hardship of practicing dharana and dhyana.

Staying in such a cottage, one should constantly devote only to the practice of yoga as guided by the teacher, giving up all the worries.

Hatharatnavali by Srinivasayogi | Yogaspirit

One should constantly gaze at a very minute object, remaining one-pointed, until tears roll down. Thus, one attains unparallel wisdom of the highest order through the arousal hatba sakti kundali an d by intense concentration on the Supreme Reality. Therefore, it should be carefully guarded and should not be imparted to all and sundry. Share yog website with your friends. These verses give a rationale of arousal of kundalini by the practice of mulabandha.

He has quoted the verses from the HP almost verbatim, sometimes acknowledging the source, but many- a-time without mentioning the source. This seems to be quite irrational. This is called ekapada. The Kaivalyadhama authorities where I had my Yogic Education not only inspired but also encouraged me to publish this work and permitted me to utilize their published works as well rare collections of MSS which has enabled me to produce this work.


Without hatha, rajayoga cannot be accomplished; so also without rajayoga as an objective, hathayoga cannot be perfected. From the second introductory verse it appears that the author was a versatile scholar. When mantra is recited after assigning it in the various parts of the body, it is mantrayoga. T,ti, fcnwcknujJ ” J – 6.

Adopt padmasanainsert the arms between the knees and the thighs and firmly place the palms on the ground and remain aloft. Place both the feet on the opposite htaha and catch hold of the big toes with the respective hands crossed.

Adherence to such techniques alone merges the pavana into the laya state, which retards untimely death, diseases and old age etc.

Some of these asanas have been mentioned and described for the first ratnaavli here. Detailed description of preparing the tube for vajroli practice is also a special feature which we do not come across in other texts. It’s my third order and i’m very pleased with you. This arrangement of fingers is called omkara-mudra. There is a discussion of pinda and brahmanda in which elaborate description of 14 nadis is given as well as philosophical statements from different sources like sutasam hita, visnupurana, bhagavadgita hatua different schools of philosophy such as nyaya,prabhakara, samkhya, advaitahave been briefly mentioned.