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Yogur bajo en calorías añadido con harina de yacón: desarrollo y evaluación físico-química. Article (PDF Available) in Revista Chilena de. I’m a product description. I’m a great place to include more information about your product. Buyers like to know what they’re getting before they purchase. Estudo das carcaterísticas químicas e enzimáticas de Yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) e fisicoquimica del harina de yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius).

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Production of yacon flour Yacon flour was produced according to the methodology described in Ribeiro 10being obtained from Addition of yacon flour to yogurt leads to products with low fat and low caloric values.

It was not possible, however, to obtain yogurts considered source of FOS and inulin as expected. They are highly hygroscopic substances which act as food stabilizers because of their capability to form a more cohesive mesh, similar to gel 30thus changing system viscosity. They were capable of providing dietary fiber concentrations higher than the minimum recommended by Brazilian regulations.

Semina ; 7 1: Development of light yogurt supplemented with yacon flour may be a good alternative in the fermented food market, allowing the preparation of a drink with prebiotic claims due to its high soluble dietary fiber content especially FOS for aiding in the functioning the intestinal tract, regardless of consumer age.

This estimate was based on yacon flour centesimal composition. This accounts for the growing reduction of the acidity with increase in yacon flour concentration; and may also be related to the increased amount of TSS table 3since there is a strong inverse relation between TSS and acidity The caloric value ranged from This is in agreement with Brazilian regulations which suggest a pH value of 4.


It is also noticeable that the amount hatina carbohydrates in the yogurt tends to decrease when yacon flour is added, presenting minimum levels when the yogurt contains 1. Comparasion of CD composition produced by chimeric Cgtases.

Rheological quality and stability of yog-ice cream with added inulin. Therefore, a smaller concentration of solids and greater concentration of water was observed in the control yogurt when compared to yogurts with hsrina flour. This may result from coloring of flour, which happens due to enzymatic browning reactions by the presence of phenolic compounds 4and non-enzymatic browning during yogurt processing.

ecorganicos-colombia-harina-yacon » Ecorgánicos de Colombia

This fact is rather justifiable because, the same quantity of yogurt presents a reduction in the level of carbohydrates, something that asks for the definition of a quadratic effect to account for such behavior. ABSTRACT Yacon flour has been used in several food products due to its high fructooligosaccharides and inulin contents, compounds that present health promoting properties. This allows scientists ahrina formulate products with low fat content, low caloric value and a high concentration of dietary fiber, especially FOS, which may provide a protective effect to customer health 6.

The calculation was obtained from two readings for each run, with the yogurt sample being put inside a 4 mL polystyrene harona, and between readings the cuvettes were washed with distilled water. This occurs because the movement of suspended particles increases The yogurts with less addition of yacon flour presented a slight reduction in water content and an increase in total dietary fiber compared to the control yogurt.

The control yogurt presented a higher apparent viscosity than the yogurt with 1.

Yogur bajo en calorías añadido con harina de yacón: desarrollo y evaluación físico-química

This experiment lasted for 2 minutes and generated a total of 30 points. Process for production of light yogurt added with yacon. No warranty is given about the accuracy of the copy. The inclusion of 0. Factors affecting gel formation of inulin. Centesimal composition of the yogurt Results of the centesimal composition of the yogurts are given in table 1.


Agric Biol Chem ;54 1: This may be linked to the higher level of fructans FOS and inulin in the yogurts with higher concentrations of yacon flour.

Yogurts with yacon presented a shear-thinning fluid behavior, i. Granato D, Masson M L. Statistical analysis Results of physicochemical determinations were analyzed in a completely randomized design Ahrina 18 model, with 5 yogurt formulations and 2 repetitions. The purpose of the study was to evaluate the effect of yacon meal as a prebiotic in rations for Muscovy ducks.


Watt B, Mirrill A L. The yogurt serving size was set to be mL. Additionally, yogurt carbohydrate levels also have an influence on product apparent dw, and carbohydrate content also presented a quadratic effect due to yacon flour concentration, corroborating the quadratic regression yacom adjusted for apparent viscosity. Each yogurt formulation, control and the four different levels of yacon flour, was produced in two separate runs replication. The caloric value in this study was calculated based on protein, lipid and carbohydrate contents.

Therefore, the yogurts containing ore than 2.